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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

"Silver to Triple in 2016, Gold Double"


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"Silver to Triple in 2016, Gold Double" - Will Bo be Right Again? - Bo Polny Feb 24 Interview


THE FINAL COUNTDOWN | Bo Polny 2016 PDAC Presentation

these two videos are very interesting - and his predictions have been right on so far

Have a Great Weekend


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There are many places to buy silver or gold

my favorite is APMEX , a couple reasons  

1)  is very helpful customer service, 

2)  when I purchase I want to know they have plenty on hand -to find out for the quantity that you want

in the box type in 9999    if they have less a box will appear and it will show the amount on hand, this is important because many companys are taking you money and put a order in themselves and you might have to wait 6 weeks to a couple of months before getting the silver?  time is of the essence at this point.

3)  and you can also pay with PayPal an extra layer of security

I have had  one company take my order usually they delivered very quickly with in 2 weeks , then  one time I put in a very large order for family members they kept on delaying

for a couple of months and I got very nervous, I had to get the Attorney General  and the Governor of the State that I live in  and  the Attorney General and the Governor of California

where the Dealer was located to put pressure on them ,  lots of legal paperwork filled out  ,  after all of this a couple of weeks later all of my order came .  No more dealing with the company after all I went through ,  then a couple of months later Tulving company went Bankrupt and robbed people out of 10's of millions of dollars.

Always use extra protection and lots of follow up,  Since then I have made a few contacts in Apmex and feel more comfortable now, but still cautious.\


favorite silver coins American Eagles , Canadian Maple Leafs, Apmex Coins  and junk silver coins  any thing up to 10 oz's

Gold  Buffalos, and Canadian Maple Leafs  no larger than 1 oz's and my favorite is 1/4 oz's coins

Hope that helps

Have a Great Day and God Bless



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