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Tlar - Article: Central Bank Is Not Bankrupt And Reserves Of $ 60 Billion !


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CNN. Broadcasting From The Vault At The CBI While Moving A Pallet Of Purina Camel Chow Out Of The Way To Take The Reserves Inventory !


Tlar & Members Discussion  CBI Reserves  3-22-16

JD Blue:     Reserves at 60 Billion
Ebadi, an adviser to: the central bank is not bankrupt and reserves of $ 60 billion
He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told all of Iraq [where] ” the central bank a strong financial institution and is not bankrupt and has reserves of monetary policies and has the vision and limits and plans drawn are working on.”
JD Blue:   Old Accounts must be cleared

Parliamentary Economic disclose the reason for not opening branches of the federal banks in Kurdistan

[Full Articles Being  Discussed Can Be Read Below After Comments]
Rockstar:   Wow so the CBI reserves have increased!! Wonder how that happened hmmmm!!

Mike:    Lol, I don't think they increased, Rock. How could they? In the end, we're forced to believe Abadi or the IMF, what say you?
Tlar:       Mike the numbers are pretty stable.  It is more than possible that they are at 60 billion instead of the 50 billion earlier reported.  Kurdistan has money that belongs to the CBI that has been sitting in banks in Kurdistan since 1991. 
An article just stated that this money should be liquidated and sent to the government if Kurdistan wants to have government banks established.  Also oil was up over the last month in addition the auctions are continuing and the CBI makes 12 dinars per dollar going out. 
As areas are reclaimed from ISIS what was oil feilds that we once were part of Iraq's income. now some are coming back on line. 
Plus the pressure on the political side chasing corruption I am pretty sure that the remittances along with the cash being sold at auction have slowed down over the last month or so which would not stop the drain completely, but have slowed it down considerably. 
Another place they might have gotten some cash to put in the reserves is BIS.  Although it has never reported Iraq's balance that I know of, we know the CBI made deposits starting in January 2015 to BIS. 
We also know that it was reported November 2014 that 80 billion would be released from US banks as a result of the sanctions being removed and that Turki stated while he was governor of the CBI were part of the reserves. 
That 80 billion never showed up on the CBI website as part of the reserves but interesting enough with in a month of the article about releasing the 80 billion came out, it was followed up in December 2014 by an article from BIS stating Iraq had opened an account and was planning to make deposits starting in January 2015. 
I believe Turki was protecting this money by depositing it in BIS bypassing Iraq and any chance for Maliki to get his hands on it.  So there are many ways that this number 60 billion can be  accurate. 
Remember starting with Shabibi, the reserves were kept offshore and out of the reach of this megalomaniac always hungry corrupt piece of Shiite, MALIKI. Turki stated to Maliki when Maliki said the 80 billion belonged to the government, IT IS CBI RESERVES AND YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR HANDS ON IT.   tlar
Mike:    I don't know, Tlar, last months oil revenues were $2.2 billion and salaries alone are $4 billion a month. They're averaging around $2 billion at the auctions and then add on the costs of fighting ISIL and you can see why I'm a little skeptical about Abadi's statement.
In just under two years I've watched, month by month, the reserves dropping, the balance of payments issue has really taken its toll.
I don't know anything about the Kurds having $10 billion salted away, it's probably going to be a little difficult getting those fellas to give back that kind of scratch when Baghdad owes them from as far back as 2014. Time will tell though, I'm watching this very closely.

" We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid "   Benjamin Franklin
 Rockstar:      That was information from Saleh Mike! You have more than taken his word over others in the past also if my memory serves me correct!
Full Articles & Links Being Discussed:

JD Blue:     Reserves at 60 Billion

Ebadi, an adviser to: the central bank is not bankrupt and reserves of $ 60 billion
March 22, 2016 Walter History of edits:: 3/22/2016 9:43 • 362 visits readable

Ebadi, an adviser to: the central bank is not bankrupt and reserves of $ 60 billion
[special Oan-] Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi denied that the CBI is facing a state of bankruptcy.
He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told all of Iraq [where] ” the central bank a strong financial institution and is not bankrupt and has reserves of monetary policies and has the vision and limits and plans drawn are working on.”
He added that “precautions of the dollar around $ 60 billion or so, not the rumors that it limits forty billion because the bank selling the dollar and buying that one he buys from foreign currency government [dollar] an act of the Iraqi dinar against this purchase , so the bank has a balance point in buying and selling. ”
he attributed the benefit of declining central bank sales of the dollar in recent times to” weak demand for thedollar because of the reduction and the reduction in government spending. ”
among the economic expert, said that” the government operating budget almost vanished except for salaries and wages , and some of the necessary expenses and this was a form demand for the currency of any spending market in the dinar turn the request of foreign currency and caused economic activity is low and this is reflected gradually the central bank sales to the lack of sufficient purchasing power or it is limited and this one of the main factors behind the decline in sales of the bank. ”
 He pointed adviser Abadi said , ” to talk about the central bank ‘s policy that it leads to bankruptcy are not only rumors meant to the rhythm of the Iraqi economy. ”
it is  noteworthy it recently noted that the Central Bank of Iraq auction sales recorded a decline was the lowest it months ago where he did not exceed the number of the 100 million days barrier compared to previous -month period and even after the financial crisis that began with a decline in oil prices in July 2014 were ranging from 225 to $ 300 million and sometimes more.
The statistics of the Central Bank reported that the sale of the bank $ 2.5 billion during the month of February the second low of more than $ 800 million from January last , who sold the bank more than $ 3.3 billion. , and labeled a member of the parliamentary finance committee Magda Tamimi, Politics Central in the auction to sell the currency as “serving the corrupt.” According to the plan.
He  also criticized the economic expert David Zayer, the bank ‘s policy , saying it “Iraq will pay toward bankruptcy and its reserve is unable to secure the required in the market , ” adding that “there is looting the process ofsystematic bankruptcy Iraq from its reserve of hard currency and the central bank assumes this responsibility . ”
suspicions of corruption , fraud and money laundering and raised across the central bank auction as announced, specializing in national integrity and economic crime and money laundering a misdemeanor court, on 20 August issued sentences of imprisonment and a fine against officials in the Rafidain and the north after being convicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, a banner in the earlier , the presence of 20 defendants in these cases , some degree of chairman. ”

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