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CNN. Broadcasting A Tribute To The Engine That Keeps DV Running And The Hardest Working Newshound In This Investment !





And Here's An Article So That This Thread Remains In The News Section ...


Deputy for power: the leaders of influential positions blocks exploited to steal public money
Political   Since 03.21.2016 at 12:01 (Baghdad time)   Special - balances News   He said MP from the Union of Forces hope Merhi, Monday, that the thieves Iraqis funds are influential leaders of the blocks in the Iraqi state and the masses know, pointing to the large positions taken advantage of to steal public money, not to build a state of institutions.
She Merhi's / balances News /, that "return the money stolen does not rely solely on Abadi, there are competent institutions under the responsibility of the Prime Minister, including the integrity of Finance and the Ministry of Justice and control, as well as the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq is also interested in contributing to the return of that money."
She added, "The elimination if they went out on impacts political and partisan and works independently of concrete will be a catalyst to return the money looted by Iraqis whales corruption."
She stressed Merhi on, "The provision of rings operate Bhetwasal and quickly in order to reach Iraqi funds Almhobh and then replay the group," indicating that "in the case lay hands on that money then ask the judiciary Are capable of thieves of public money or not held accountable?".
And calls for demonstrations and sit-ins in Baghdad and the provinces to return the looted money and eliminate the spoilers.
The Prime Minister has pledged to be the year 2016 is the year of the eradication of financial and administrative corruption and to provide for the elimination of the corrupt be punished just. " Ended    From: Flaih slain   LINK

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Top Posters In This Topic

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CNN. Broadcasting A Tribute To The Engine That Keeps DV Running And The Hardest Working Newshound In This Investment !   CONGRATULATIONS MASTER YOTA ON 50,000 POSTS !     And Here's An Artic

Thanks Thug and everyone for the Nice comments, but the Thank's should go out to Adam and the Mods and the DV members of this site that Make DV #1...Again Thanks everyone and while we wait to see the

THANK YOU YOTA 50 THOUSAND TIMES. For your hard work and dedication all this years Go Yota Go hard work and dedication  Go 50 thousand posts Thank you for keeping us informed.!

Posted Images

Thank You, Dinar Thug, for noting Master Newshound Yota's 50,000 plus posts!  Almost seems like frequent flyer points.  Maybe Yota can cash some of these in for a trip to his destination of choice!  So he can relax.  Will miss his posts, though!

Thank You, Yota, for your tireless support of DV with your exceptionally relevant news item posts!

:bravo:   :tiphat:  :twothumbs:    :bump:

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DinarThug Thanks,

Master Yota, We at DV truly appreciate all that you bring to DinarVets.  I look forward to meet all of you once this ride arrives at the final destination RV / RI stop.  Thanks a million!!


Keeping the faith!!



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Master Yota,

I bow to you sir and thank you for your tireless dedication to this group.  You will forever be held in the highest esteem with much gratitude.  I can't wait to see how things will change. Please know I will always remember the years before the big change and who kept me in the loop.  Thank you for your kindness.  You rock!


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