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Brussels explosions: multiple casualties after airport and metro attacks – live


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Witnesses to Brussels suicide attacks: 'I felt it was the end of the world' – video


Witnesses describe explosions inside the terminal building at Brussels airport on Tuesday. Speaking shortly after the two blasts, which devastated the departure lounge, one woman says she saw people covered in blood. A baggage handler says he heard a single gunshot before the first blast and a man speaking in Arabic

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Lets face it, those extremists are more vile than normal people can possibly imagine.

They are on drone camera raping goats when there aren't any women or boys around, they are pervs on an unfathomable level.

Just because a bunch of sick azz wacko's formed a group DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO INFLICT THEIR EVIL ON INNOCENT HUMANS!!!!

Global politicians have lost their minds, the terrorists they have unreleased on their people have no morals, ethics, or honor.

In Germany the backlash has caused the rise of Nazism.

While we realize that is an overreaction, I have great empathy for the Pegida movement.

For as long as law abiding Muslims refuse to help out the fanatics, I do not know how any can be trusted.

Trump was right, until we get a handle on the issue, put a hold on anymore coming in, you will be saving their lives as much as ours.


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Right now Belgium is on terrorism level 4  ( the highest). Police said other blasts are expected...

Search  for terrorists in the Airport continues....

The Country is totally isolated ( temporarily)..No flights to and from Brussels. Borders closed


Schengen Treaty suspended

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We have to get control of our borders.  Wake up and stop being politically correct.  It doesn't take a military background to understand the

severity  importance of protecting our borders.  The southern borders are weak and we need to be ready for potential attacks on our soil!!!

This is not fear mongering, this is reality happening right before our eyes.  Now's not the time for denial. 

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Interesting timing for an attack on Belgium. Seems their parliament is about to recognize Palestine:



Belgium is the next country likely to make some type of move toward recognizing “Palestine,” though it is not clear what form that recognition will take.

There are three resolutions by opposition parties regarding the wording of a resolution, but no date has been set in parliament for a debate.

According to reports in the Belgian press on Wednesday, the ruling coalition is trying to formulate its own resolution aimed at conditioning governmental recognition on certain conditions that will enable it to determine the right timing for such a move.



continue at



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America must come to it's senses! If only 1 in 100 immigrants is a terrorist - do you still support allowing Middle eastern Immigrants into America?

"NO" is the response I receive whenever I pose the question! That one can kill hundreds of innocent Americans!

Why then do our Politicians/Hollywood stars/Media support Middle Eastern immigrants? Well, they sure as heck ain't living in their communities, they are restricted!

Just like all the Politicians/Hollywood stars who talk gun control but have armed security 24/7 guarding them & their families. LOL


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55 minutes ago, rothsdad said:

Did Obama actually catch a ball game and do the Tango?.....Hey!?....does Obama actually exist?  :o

GO RV, then BV

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