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The Crowd Goes Wild

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Trump was definitely not my first pick.  But then the GOP reared its ugly head and I realized that here we have a opportunity to once and for all show just how corrupt

this GOVT really is. Trump is forcing them to remove the mask To show them as they really are and just how far they will go to hold on to their money and power.

I truly believe if trump nominated and elected  he will bring civil war to this country. People will see just how crazy the radical left can be. They call us extremist. A liberal with a gun and a cause is a walking nightmare. I voted for trump in the Michigan primary ,  Something that I would never had thought I would do. But if he is the means to finally bring this thing to a head. Then so be it.  I am tired of the lawlessness . I want my grandchildren to know the america I knew.  Lets just get this over with before I get to old to pull the fricken trigger. 

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