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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana weekly 9 March 2016

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Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone!


So, Pete and RePete were in a boat... Pete fell out. Who was still in the boat?


Yeah ;) this week is kind of like that. Like I mentioned last week, it's my feeling 

that our Dinar situation is tied VERY close to oil right now. We were at what I felt 

was the bottom (around $30ppb), and the same sources are showing about a 3% 

gain this week. 


That's nothing special, it doesn't signify a strong stability yet, and I'm not surprised 

to see so little in the news about HCL yet. It's just not enough of a change to get 

anyone motivated, and that shows in the news feeds.


Here's the visual comparison:




This might sound crazy, but I actually don't want to see a huge spike. IMO the best 

thing we can see right now is a steady increase, or even some more flatlining. When 

we've seen about 2-3 weeks of stability, that's when I will start getting excited.




That might have sounded a little humbuggish, but really it's not. Iraq is doing a great 

job in all aspects. The only thing I'm humbuggish on right now is the prospects of an 

RV this week.


Give me a couple weeks of stable oil prices, and that should all change.




With that said - you know where I stand on the "when" and "why", so let's talk news!


  • Powerball is at ~50MM. Someone split this with me! LINK
  • We are not the only ones who see the IQD rising. LINK
  • Global conference on IRaqi banking? Yes please. LINK


One IMPORTANT note - I mentioned last week that we might see some site maintenance 

shortly. Hopefully that will start shortly, because sooner started = sooner done. I'll send 

out an email notifying everyone, but again DON'T FREAK OUT! :lol: The email system and 

text systems are 100% separate from the message board here, so you will NOT miss any 

notices in the event of anything big.




Here's the weekly Q's:




TheArtistFormallyKnownAs No country in history has ever had a major revaluation of their currency, instead went with the LOP option ,(MY QUESTION) to you what moves is Iraq making that most points to them being the first to go with the other (major RV) option?. In other words what most makes you feel that they are going to revalue, and not LOP their currency. Thank you.

Also , I got one warning point from you, how long does it stay on my record for? , and how many does one clock up before one is banned?.

My reasoning for Lop vs Revalue has been explained over and over and over. I outlined it 

in great detail in my book RV Intel (VIPs get it here for free), so I'll just give you the short 




There is no other country in the world, or in history, that has been in the situation that Iraq 

is in now due to 1) the events that have transpired over the last 15 years and 2) Iraq's 

incredible wealth, resources, history, and potential. There just isn't anything to compare 

it to.


Consider how Donald Trump is breaking the mold in US Politics. Half the pundits still can't 

wrap their head around it, using old "measurements" and meaningless polls to naysay his 

success... yet he keeps winning. Which means the pundits are wrong, and the same logic 

applies to this question.


Regarding warning points, they stay forever and there is no set "number" that will get you 

banned. That's part of the fun. :lol:



TheArtistFormallyKnownAs One more thing , in your opinion are we Dinar holders under attack, is there a coordinated effort to get us to part with our Dinar , be it the CBI, CIA or whoever.




No, I don't think that at all. Why would you think that?



429 The short question: How much does Near East culture play into this whole RV deal?

I'm not versed in Near East culture. I don't know if you are. I really don't care about Lunar phases, either (said the man who is really big on the HOLY-DAY of Easter which is based upon Passover which is based upon the lunar phase). But I'm not Iraqi and I don't believe you are either. That being said, you and I aren't the deciding factors here. So do your contacts in the Near East ever refer to these lunar phases?
So there's a Solar Eclipse on 3/9/16 and a lunar eclipse on 3/23/16. How do these events effect the Iraqi culture and can they possibly effect the RV?




Although $ and religion are often intertwined, my contacts do not put any weight 

on such things with regard to a major change in currency value. This is a business 

matter, not a religious one.





patrick50 Why is so important just for the oil price to go up when Iraq is so rich in natural resources and not to forget agriculture?



That's a good question, thanks! I'm going to try not to over-complicate it, because it 

really is a simple matter.


You are correct, Iraq is indeed blessed with much natural resources, agriculture, and 

more! But in spite of that, there is still a finite amount of oil beneath the surface, and

if they are to get the most out of their efforts and have the best chances of RVing 

and sustaining a higher rate, their income from oil sales has a direct impact on that.


Therefore, higher price of oil = better for CBI. 



Mr. G The feeling seems to be, "Low oil prices", no RV.

This is just a thought, what do you think? If I am Iraq. I want to RV my money, back to its former glory. An RV is something they have to "handle", not manage. Once an RV occurs, from that time forward, it has to be managed. So, Regardless of the price, Oil is their main source of income backing the value of their currency. It will be the main backing for the next 50+ years. So, the best time to "handle" an RV, is when oil is extremely cheap. They have already set themselves up to "handle" the RV. Now, they just need it to RV as low as possible. Example: 10 cents. This makes it much easier/cheaper to "handle" the RV. Meanwhile, knowing the price of Oil will, and probably has to, go back up, that will make it much easier and profitable to "manage" the RV.
Crazy thought? Or, Very plausible?





Not a crazy thought at all my friend! But it would behoove them to come out with a low 

RV when their oil is higher, because it would increase their profit by the same factor... 

to put it simply, if they RV at .10 when oil is 3X higher than now, then they make at 

least 3X.


If you could trade 1 bar of gold for $500 today, but if you wait a month you know you 

will get $1500... wouldn't you wait a month?


I would.




countryroads Hi Adam.  Is Iraq financially stable enough to completely disregard the RV all together if they choose to?  When was the last time the RV was discussed in Parliament? Is there any sign of it coming before Parliament any time in the near future? Do you have any information along these lines that you could share with us. Just would like to know what is going on behind the lines and in the minds of the Iraqis.





Of course they are! There is no law or prophecy that states the RV must happen, ever, 

for any reason. There's also nothing demanding a lop... they could do exactly the same 

thing they are doing now for eternity. But WHY would they do that, when there is so 

much potential and possibility to recover that which was lost?


Regarding Parliament, this isn't something that they announce on the morning news... 

"Parliament to discuss massive RV of currency" is a headline you will NEVER see. There 

would be an insane speculative run on the currency, and the next morning you'd see this 

headline: "Well, Parliament WAS going to discuss an RV but they made a huge mistake 

by announcing it lol sorry everyone j/k no RV".





Seabee Hi Adam  This is something totally different for you hear on a Wed. I live in upstate N.Y. And in one of the poorest counties of the state. In fact one of the problems our small village has is a drug problem. With that said, I have a large amount of IQD just waiting for an RV. When this happens I am going to offer a large sum of money to the village police to take on the drug problem so the they can get a handle on it. Yes, there is a lot of work involved, but this is what I want to and if I can save a life, this will be important to me.

I only am going to ask you one thing. Please let me know ASAP when this thing breaks!!!!!!



Seabee, you are a true gentleman and a saint. You have my word I will let you know.






That's it for now everyone - again, please don't freak out when the site is offline for a day 

or two in the near future.



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Awesome Chat, CHIEF:twothumbs: Thanks as always !

SHORT SHARE: someone looked at us like we'd lost our minds at the gas station the other day because

we were remarking on how good it would be if the ppb would go up .... if they only knew:lol:  ^_^


I guess they'd never seen a hoveround at the pumps before.   :eyebrows: 


GO RV, then BV

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Thanks Buzzy...Handled like the gentleman you are...Thanks to the mods for keepin' things in check...Hoping as the gals do that the price of oil has a steady rise...Shab that all ''Depends''....

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Yes Adam , there is a country that you can compare Iraq to , Russia has Oil and Gas like Iraq , not as much but a hell of a lot , and they had  LOP , three O's too, I had asked you about this in the passed and your answer was Russia is not Iraq , not a great answer , it certainly didn't clear it up for me.


If Dinar Vets were the Matrix, Adam's equivalent would be Morpheus........And Morpheus knows more than any of us could possibly comprehend.   :shrug: 




GO RV, then BV   B) 

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Yes Adam , there is a country that you can compare Iraq to , Russia has Oil and Gas like Iraq , not as much but a hell of a lot , and they had  LOP , three O's too, I had asked you about this in the passed and your answer was Russia is not Iraq , not a great answer , it certainly didn't clear it up for me.


If you asked in the past, and my answer wasn't sufficient, I suggest you look elsewhere.


It sounds like your real question is "What's the difference between Russia and Iraq?"


Please don't waste your time trolling me with silly questions like that. Thanks.

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So, Pete and RePete were in a boat... Pete fell out. Who was still in the boat?


 Sounds Like We're All Stuck In The Boat At Least Another Week Waiting For An RV -


Oh For Pete's Sake ...




  :D        :D        :D

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Awesome Chat, CHIEF:twothumbs: Thanks as always !

SHORT SHARE: someone looked at us like we'd lost our minds at the gas station the other day because

we were remarking on how good it would be if the ppb would go up .... if they only knew !

I doubt they'd do that in Texas, Alaska, North Dakota or other oil producing states.  A lot of the smaller oil and oil service companies are holding on by a thread.

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    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Friday!
      This anticipation is kind of getting to me.
      We are ridiculously close to seeing some HCL info...
      ... check this out regarding the Budget:
      WTI is currently in the $61 range. 
      The budget was formulated at much less than that. This is GOOD.
      HCL is on the way.
      All of you VIP members definitely need to be sure your phone number is correct, be sure you are using the best email and be sure you have whitelisted my emails!
      OSI members, same thing - with one addition - there's a good chance you are due to get a "Certificate of Good Standing" for your Company. I will send out an email about that over the weekend.
      That's it!
      Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, GOOOO RRRRRRR-VVVVV(veezy!)!!!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon, DinarVets!
      I'm going to run through this one pretty quick, because it's very simple to explain.
      That's a good thing. Simple = easy to conclude, which also translates loosely to "soon"!
      OIL is slightly lower than in my last update, but it's still in the "good" range.
      Anything in the $60s is great, as far as I'm concerned!

      More importantly, however, is all the HCL talk.
      I'm almost certain you're hearing it from other places, and I can confirm this is true: Iraq is dealing with the HCL as we speak, and I think it's going to get done this time.
      Check out the article below:
      I'm going to repeat that last part:
      💥    "It is noteworthy that the Oil Ministry’s sudden announcement of the draft oil and gas law
      coincides with marathon negotiations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region regarding
      the latter’s share in the 2021 budget and the mechanism for managing his oil file."   💥
      The Budget was completed some time ago, and Baghdad and the Kurds were even in agreement on the original Budget that was preliminarily approved... 
      ... the fact that there are now disputes, that are tied to the oil and gas law, tells us very clearly that they are not arguing over a few dinars... they are arguing over a LOT of dinars, which is also dollars.
      My friends, we are closing in on a spectacular finish!
      I'm looking forward to it. I know many of you are, as well.
      Hang tight! This might get bumpy before it's over, but OH BOY will it be worth it!!!
      Happy Sunday, everyone.
      - Adam
      P.S. OH! Did I tell you, or did I tell you?! Once again, I'm telling you... BTC was at around $50,000 two weeks ago. Today it's 57,000. That's 14% in two weeks. It is STILL a great time to get into crypto! You did NOT miss your last chance! We are talking about it here.
      P.P.S. Be sure to get in that DinarVets Lotto Pool here!
      P.P.P.S. I almost forgot....
      GO RRRRRVVVVVVV!!$!$!$!$!!

    • By Adam Montana
      Hey hey, happy Sunday!
      Things are still cruising along nicely. In addition to everything else I could share, I decided to just pick one topic... OIL.
      The HCL, or "Hydro Carbon Law", is a key element in Iraq's eventual ReValuation of their currency exchange rate.
      In simple terms... when they finalize the agreement on how the profits will be shared, via the HCL, we are either past the RV date or it's a different kind of "soon", like immediately or tomorrow.
      OIL was at $61.53 when I did my last update.
      I stated then that we only really need OIL to be in the $40+ range for the logistics of the RV to work, so $61.53 was very encouraging.
      Do you know where OIL is right now?

      💥 BOOM!!! 💥
      This stuff isn't rocket science, and you don't need me to explain the simple stuff... so let's move onto something more fun.
      I'm going to share something I posted in our OSI section, in response to a news story regarding the Seychelles (Africa).
      We have some amazing stuff in VIP/OSI, fyi! The resources we have are the cumulative results of over a decade of planning, networking, researching, extensive world travel, and more.
      Our VIP group here IS the premier group to be in when the Dinar RVs... I've got a hundred stories about situations like these.
      Anyway, a member shared a story and the street in the photo was very familiar... it brought me back to a special time:
      ======= my response below ========
      I love that photo... it looks exactly like the street I was stranded on at around 8 AM in the morning on my first trip to the Seychelles.
      I say "stranded" because I am an early riser, I was jetlagged, in dire need of coffee, and my hotel didn't have coffee available that morning when I was looking for it around 6AM.
      It was an $800 per night hotel.
      I wasn't too upset, because I figured I'd just go find a coffee shop and be closer to my destination and all would be good.
      Turned out, none of the coffee shops in that little town open till 10AM.
      I was bedraggled, jetlagged, tired, in desperate need of coffee, and asking strangers where in the heck do I get some coffee, and one of the strangers I spoke to told me (again) that no coffee shops in Victoria, Seychelles, would be open until 10AM.
      But he had an espresso machine in his office, and I could come with him.
      My appreciation at that time could not have been greater, and I followed him up to his office. He made the most amazing espresso I've ever had in my life, and as my head cleared around 8:30AM our conversation drifted to our plans for the day.
      Turns out, my 9 AM meeting, downtown Victoria Seychelles, was closer than I thought.
      This angel who had given a stranger some much needed caffeine was actually the exact person I was meeting first that day.
      Pure magic, if you ask me.
      I bought a similar espresso machine when I returned home, and our business relationship also ended up being pure magic.
      Some things are just meant to be, I guess.
      ======= / end of post =====
      I'm serious - I have a hundred similar stories, where things just lined up in our favor and you can call it luck or whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is we have some amazing connections.
      I can't tell you when the RV will be, but I can tell you exactly where you want to be when it happens...
      I can't tell you when BTC will hit $100,000 either... but I told you when it was below $600 that it was a good investment.
      I can only "tell" you things so many times... and I certainly don't want to try to convince you to do anything you don't want to do.
      BTC is still a good investment, even at the current price of ~$50,000 per BTC.
      The IQD is still one of my favorite "high potential" speculations.
      And VIP is definitely where you want to be, now, before the crypto market explodes even more, and before the IQD RVs.
      Choice is yours, of course!
      That's all for now... happy Sunday, and 

    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Sunday, everyone!
      I'm tagging this "Adam Montana Weekly", even though the updates are no longer weekly, just to keep them showing up in the same searches for your convenience.
      Also, I don't have a lot to say... but I wanted to check in so you all didn't think I'm abandoning you! I'm just incredibly busy with some new projects in my life that have taken me away from the computer.
      I'm very thankful for the reprieve from the computer screen, my eyes and my back have been screaming at me the last couple of years.
      It was time for a change. 
      With that said, I'm still in daily communications with all of my dinar contacts. I still get my usual briefings from the important people on dinar. And I'm still 100% ready to drop everything and give you all of my time when this RV happens.

      The last time I touched on the price of OIL was quite a while ago - I was optimistic even though oil prices were only at $40ish.
      Where are they today?

      $61! Which happens to be above where we need them to be for a launch of the RV. I don't need to say more on that topic.
      In GOI news, Iraq is muddling through the final stages of the Budget. We don't need the Budget to be complete before an RV, but a "happy agreement" between the Kurds and Baghdad will do a lot to grease the wheels.
      You can keep up with the current Budget proceedings in this thread, where our tireless @yota691 has been keeping everyone up to date.
      I know it can be a bit painful to try to decipher the articles, so I'll give you the elevator summary:
      Things are going well. There is a current discussion on "raising the price of the dollar", which would be bad for Dinar, and the overall sentiment is that they publicly do NOT want to "raise the price of the dollar". (That's a good thing for us!) Part of the reason is due to the current favorable price of oil.

      And, of course, none of that matters when the HCL goes through. It's been pretty quiet on the HCL front, which is part of why I've taken a break on posting.
      When the HCL comes, we have an RV either already announced or just around the corner.
      Until the HCL is done, we wait patiently.
      Personally, I'm staying the course.
      In other news... LGD made a pretty compelling argument in this thread for taking a serious look at Silver.
      BTC (we discuss this a LOT in the VIP Crypto section) is experiencing one of the best buying opportunities we've seen in a while, and maybe the best we will ever see again.
      While we've been waiting for the RV, many millions have been made in other areas... I encourage everyone to not tie all of their hopes and dreams to one windfall. I have no doubt that we will reap the dinar windfall, but why miss all the other opportunities while we are waiting on the RV? 
      See you in VIP.  
      Go Iraq... Go Dinar...
      GO RRRVVV!!!!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon-evening, all!
      This has been a roller coaster of a week for so many sectors... I know some of you are here for "Just the Dinar News, sir.... just the dinar news".
      I'll start with IQD. There is talk - and I'll leave it to you to research this, because I have 17 articles on my notepad that would really only cause confusion - but there is TALK that Iraq isn't able to use USD anymore.
      Or they won't be able to, or they shouldn't, or whatever.
      Listen, this is a fundamental issue, and anyone that's followed me for any amount of time should know that I am here because of the fundamentals.
      If Iraq is currently unable to use USD (that's not entirely the case at the moment, but follow along) then they couldn't conduct auctions, they couldn't trade anywhere that uses the USD (that's everywhere), and they would basically fall into absolute poverty and die of malnutrition.
      Does that sound like a serious possibility? 
      Of course not... so let's get back to the fundamentals.
      Iraq has a majority of the OIL in the world.
      There's no way in heck that the WORLD will just pretend that oil isn't there.
      There is NO WAY that they can't use their resources to "buy in" to anything they want.
      So... what's with all this talk about Iraq not being able to use USD?
      I'll answer.
      It's an idle threat, but a promising one.
      It means Iraq has one more reason to up their game, Iraq has yet another reason to RV, and the world has one more reason to accept the "NEW" rate, even if it surprises everyone.
      Even if the analysts and the advisors and the bunches of panelists and "experts" say "OMG they shouldn't/can't/won't" do that!
      It doesn't matter what those talking heads say.... it's going to happen when it happens, and we are ready and here!
      On a side note... I hope you caught some of these crypto gains that many of us are rolling in!
      Sorry this update was late - I've had a ton going on this week, some of which has been rolling my crypto profits into other deals and just having a blast doing it all.
      Life is good, friends! See you in VIP  

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