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Questions for Adam's Update 3-9-2016

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No country in history has ever had a major revaluation of their currency, instead went with the LOP option ,(MY QUESTION) to you what moves is Iraq making that most points to them being the first to go with the other (major RV) option?. In other words what most makes you feel that they are going to revalue, and not LOP their currency. Thank you.

Also , I got one warning point from you, how long does it stay on my record for? , and how many does one clock up before one is banned?.

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The short question: How much does Near East culture play into this whole RV deal?

I'm not versed in Near East culture. I don't know if you are. I really don't care about Lunar phases, either (said the man who is really big on the HOLY-DAY of Easter which is based upon Passover which is based upon the lunar phase). But I'm not Iraqi and I don't believe you are either. That being said, you and I aren't the deciding factors here. So do your contacts in the Near East ever refer to these lunar phases?

So there's a Solar Eclipse on 3/9/16 and a lunar eclipse on 3/23/16. How do these events effect the Iraqi culture and can they possibly effect the RV?


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The feeling seems to be, "Low oil prices", no RV. 

This is just a thought, what do you think? If I am Iraq. I want to RV my money, back to its former glory. An RV is something they have to "handle", not manage. Once an RV occurs, from that time forward, it has to be managed. So, Regardless of the price, Oil is their main source of income backing the value of their currency. It will be the main backing for the next 50+ years. So, the best time to "handle" an RV, is when oil is extremely cheap. They have already set themselves up to "handle" the RV. Now, they just need it to RV as low as possible. Example: 10 cents. This makes it much easier/cheaper to "handle" the RV. Meanwhile, knowing the price of Oil will, and probably has to, go back up, that will make it much easier and profitable to "manage" the RV. 

Crazy thought? Or, Very plausible?

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Hi Adam.

Is Iraq financially stable enough to completely disregard the RV all together if they choose to?  When was the last time the RV was discussed in Parliament? Is there any sign of it coming before Parliament any time in the near future? Do you have any information along these lines that you could share with us. Just would like to know what is going on behind the lines and in the minds of the Iraqis.



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Hi Adam

This is something totally different for you hear on a Wed. I live in upstate N.Y. And in one of the poorest counties of the state. In fact one of the problems our small village has is a drug problem. With that said, I have a large amount of IQD just waiting for an RV. When this happens I am going to offer a large sum of money to the village police to take on the drug problem so the they can get a handle on it. Yes, there is a lot of work involved, but this is what I want to and if I can save a life, this will be important to me.

I only am going to ask you one thing. Please let me know ASAP when this thing breaks!!!!!!

Dave: AKA, Seabee1972

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