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Blue Sofa Alert...Training For Money Exchange Offices In Iraq.

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HOT HOT HOT...From the Blue Sofa.

Training workshop for money exchange offices.

In coodination with the CBI.

Could CBI be gearing up for a rate change in Iraq?

Not varified. Your opine.




24 Feb 2016  My Aloha \m/  KTFA...  

CSHessman:  FRANKIE!!! This one has to be framed! Can you say international????

Frank26:  Yup ……….. In 4 different languages …

Bucking Horse »  February 23, 2016   Iraqi money-exchange association formed

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: The Iraqi money exchange association was formed in the capital, Baghdad.

It is expected that the new association will organize training workshops for money exchange offices, banks and money transfer facilities in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq.

No other details were given.

Posted in: Baghdad,Economy

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We've seen SO many articles about banks doing training for so long now, this ain't news.  <_<

Here's a news flash for you and yer ignorant guru pals, LUIGI:  

All Banks are always training and cross-training personnel.   DUH.  :facepalm2:

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Luigi's posts are like a pile up on a slippery road ... no matter how hard you try not to look - or even to stop and avoid the mess ...




You still get caught in the rut and reeled in ... :confused2:

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I look forward to Luigi's posts............. He posts with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. 


No Wonder He's Always Talkin' Crap ...




:D       :D       :D

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    • By Luigi1
      23 May 2019  Frank26:
      CBI Quote:  “…to get the old worn out lower denoms out of circulation in order to put them in position with the new replacement lower denoms that will co-exist with the new small category notes and coins that belong to a new exchange rate soon to be given to you for more purchasing power…” You see the CBI come out this morning to remind the citizens again that the lower denoms are about to be replaced because they are going to co-exist with the new small category notes, where the exchange rate, the 3 zeroes will be lifted giving you purchasing power.
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      Luigi found this Frank 26 Update...
      Another Blue Sofa Exclusive Extravaganza...
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      and lets not forget the 28th is a multiple of 7 fits right in to their numberology beliefs.
      Iraq does something in secret on the 28th and they take 3 days to show it which would put a showtime on Tues the 2nd for an
      International banking day.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi says...
      Take this Blue Sofa alert as a rumor.
      KTFA has had many other emergency calls before.
      Nothing has ever become of these emergency alerts.
      Not varified.
      Your opine.
      31 Jan 2016  KTFA:
      Frank26:  KTFA FAMILY .......... We came VERY close to having a CC today.
      Lets see what happens tomorrow.
      DELTA TEAM is loaded with intel that no one understands right now.

      KTFA Frank
      Mike100:  I can see why Frank that you felt the need to almost have an Emergency CC BIG articles today... all at once. Sistani is also ready to pounce it seems. Abadi should be worried. It seems Iran is trying to run to the international markets while Iraq is continuing to power walk. We shall see IF Iraq is ready to play ball much sooner than expected.
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