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Russian TV Trashed Michelle Obama Last Night

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Russian TV Trashed Michelle Obama Last Night New documentary series seeks to expose 'American corruption' and targets Obamas

By Mikhail Klikushin • 02/18/16 9:45am

First Lady Michelle Obama leaves the beach club Villa Padierna in Estepona, on August 6, 2010 during her vacation in southern Spain.(Photo: Jorge Guerrero)

On Sunday, Russian TV host Dmitry Kiselyov, who enjoys the largest audience among news programs in Russia, announced in his prime-time program News of the Week the launch of a new documentary, whose goal would be to expose corruption in the U.S.—as opposed to the familiar story in Russian he’s sick and tired of talking about.

“This is not fair—to forget about American corruption,” he declared, “about howthey get fat on the money of American taxpayers there.”

The title of the film—Emperor Obama—says it all, but the trailer, lasting more than 10 minutes, was shown anyway.

The first victim of attack was the American first lady.

“The information on our clients is strictly confidential,” says the Villa Padierna hotel manager to a young and beautiful female reporter. “But I can confirm that Michelle Obama really stayed in our hotel. She was our most famous guest. Since then, we named one of our villas after her. Villa Obama has three floors, two bedrooms, one swimming pool and a big living room—here is Villa Obama.”

“On the fourth of August 2010,” the manager continues, as the beautiful young reporter walks around the luxurious and spacious rooms, “the U.S. president celebrated his 49th birthday, and the very same day his spouse, Michelle Obama, arrived for her vacation in Spain. Here is her room.” Not ceremoniously, the reporter touches the silk sheets and very rare travertine marble. “Here are the official numbers: for the week starting August 4, 131,000 Americans were fired, losing their incomes and jobs. At that moment, Michelle Obama was on vacation, and the taxpayers were paying $6,000 a night for this hotel suit.”

Then, the first lady is shown walking outside out in the Spanish heat. “Michelle! Michelle!” thunders the crowd.


Villa Obama in Spain, named after the American First Lady.(Photo: Tumblr)

The reporter continues:

“Michelle Obama and her 9-year-old daughter Sasha were accompanied by their personnel and secret agents, by 250 specially hired Spanish bodyguards and 68 bodyguards brought from the U.S. As the American first lady eats ice cream, the street in Spanish Granada is totally blocked. Ms. Obama flew in on her husband’s airplane—plane No. 2, a Bowing-747—according to protocol, which transports the American president while plane number one goes through technical maintenance. At $11,000 per hour, Michelle’s flight from Washington, D.C., to the Spanish Malaga cost the US $150,000. The U.S. Air Force was sued for Michelle’s unlawful vacation—and for the fifth year, the lawsuit drags on without any resolution.”

Facing the sunset and obviously having had a good time in Spain herself, the reporter doesn’t want to let the topic of Ms. Obama’s vacations finish too quickly:

“The 44th American president goes on vacation twice a year—in the summer and during Christmas. Over the seven years of his presidency, American taxpayers spent between $10 million and $74 million a year on vacations for the first American family. To understand how such unbelievable expenses accumulate, the cost for only the plane and the bodyguards when Mr. Obama flew his family to Hawaii, in 2014, was $5,316,000.”

“Did you hear what happened in Flint, Mich.?” An American analyst steps into the video, “where the whole town was poisoned? Kids, pregnant women…How much money did he spend on his vacations, you say? $74 million? But he gave Flint only $5 million— $5 million to the poisoned people…as much as the launch of two military drones!”

At this point, the cover of the book by Michelle Malkin, Culture of Corruption, is shown to viewers—providing an idea as to the development of the story awaiting Russian TV viewers on Wednesday night.


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Hey look, if you can't trust a Russian media hack, who can you trust?  And all you Putin lovefesters, I hope you're proud of your Russian comrades.  Puke.  Turncoats.  


GO RV, then BV


This has nothing to do with Putin or loving Russia... lol


It's public knowledge that Obama tried to hide from the public. After bouts of court orders, their vacation expenses exceed $70 million back in 2013.  Who knows what it's up to by now.

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No doubt about it.... she-he and hers have squandered MILLIONS (157 million +/-) in vacation perks alone.


She-he even said that if she-he has "to attend all these damned functions" as First Lady,

at least she'd "get a new dress out of it everytime"...


he complains that Americans must cut their own spending in order to afford ho'bummer-lack-o-care, drive less,

cut our cable t.v., etc.... at the very same time as  his she-he is stepping off a plane we paid for in a black & brown

designer $3000 dress -- which was hideous BTW...


she-he actually boasts out loud about how The White House is "a revolving door of parties, we have lots of fun with our friends, the place is always full of friends"... whilst the American middle class is struggling desperately under "husband's" evil regime.


And the BILLIONS he has stolen from US to "invest in green energy projects" which are no more than shell operations for him

to re-distribute wealth to his supporters is a CRIME .



Pot callin' the kettle black, there Russia...? you bet.


 But you're not wrong about the thieving opportunists in Our White House who are skinning the American Taxpayer alive and

loving it...

our 3rd-world dictatorship here would be laughable -- if it weren't so damned sad.

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he complains that Americans must cut their own spending in order to afford ho'bummer-lack-o-care, drive less,

cut our cable t.v., etc.... at the very same time as  his she-he is stepping off a plane we paid for in a black & brown

designer $3000 dress -- which was hideous BTW...


Target doesn't carry $3000 dresses.   B)  ...and Republicans don't eat fruit, though they should.   :lol:




GO RV, then BV

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i am sure alot of things are going to be exposed , that the controlled media will not show over here in the us


different viewpoints are always good - its good to be well informed on both sides


Michelle Malkin - is a very smart Lady


as far as giving Flint 5 milion to help with the bad water - is a real shame when you look at what they spend on vacation!

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C'mon guys, Russian media got it right!  First time EVER!! 


BTW, finally read Gary Kasparov's latest book - he's the former world chess champ and opponent of Putin, now exiled from Russia.  And he's far, far more of an American than Obummer could ever be.  Also has much better understanding of our Constitution that the fake WH lawyer.  Sure would like to see some of the TV pundits ask the candidates for their comments on that book....

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