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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

CBI Waiting For The Study To Be Done For The Exchange Rate.


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Waiting for the study to be done

11 Feb 2016 Delta …DO YOU REMEMBER THIS ANNOUNCEMENT FROM CBI ON 12/20.? Quote: “To all licensed banks and licensed money transfer all companies and financial investment companies and broker the buying and selling of foreign currencies approved all companies ( foreign exchange rate ). We would like to inform you that the exchange rate by international standards is still under study…” I’M SURPRISED NO ONE IS JUMPING ON THIS ARTICLE! CBI WAS WAITING FOR THE STUDY TO BE DONE FOR THE EXCHANGE RATE.

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Luigi1 - You have -825 (ruby) votes.  Are you trying for some sort of record?  Typically, folks try to increase the emerald vote count.  Could you explain your reasoning here?


In my experience, studies are just that - studies.  The studies may include a recommendation but the recommendation may or may not be applied - ever.


These folks, like Delta,  have an accuracy rate close to guesses people try to use for lotto tickets - with a much higher success rate.

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Dang, SYN... we're outta PLUS+1's !  Ya got one comin' for Bravery above & beyond:salute:

Seems even a frontal labotomy won't cure his Dain Bramage:eek:  :surgeon:

:lol:  :lmao:


Yeah, not sure I'm such a good surgeon. :surgeon:

Maybe he could try this a knock some good sense in whatever is left - assuming there is some. :rake:

Seems like some folks are just plain way out there. :wacko:



Why they want to be that way, I'll likely never know. :facepalm:



Hopefully, I won't see this on the street. :eek:

Never know, maybe the wrong area is addressed and corrective action is needed. :butt-kicking:

All in all, honors to you two for all the samity and tempering you bring to the site!!!

:salute: :salute: :salute:

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Luigi1 - You have -825 (ruby) votes.


Holy Red Rubies, I was always curious what Luigi's neg count was, but holy crappola........that's a lot of rubies.


I believe Luigi is really just a "Mad Dyslexic Genius"........he does everything correct...............just 100% backwards.


I have a friend named Bob who's dyslexic, I asked him "is that why you're named Bob?"


Whenever we are gifted with an RV, Luigi will just ride off into the sunset in his little sports car & give us his blank stare.


With a backseat full of red rubies of course!!



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