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Canadian Lawsuit over seizure of Dinar


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The article was posted here and then oddly enough the following Saturday it appeared as a huge two-page spread in the Montreal Gazette.

Definitely has the feel of someone pooling a lot of people's dinars and heading for the hills ... or in this case - the border!!!

Thanks for the post Shedagal ... It's a great reminder to keep your dinars in a safe place at home and never trust someone else to 'exchange' it for you to take advantage of that better group rate!!!

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We had someone in our DV group that spoke of a people she was dealing

with that were cashing in. For the life of me I can't think of her name it is on the tip of my 

tongue. Age thing

If Ur Talking About Nadita - It Was A Scam That She Was Running And She Got Banned ! ;)


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( Got rid of that RED NEG someone gave ya, UMBE...  we don't know why they gave it to ya.  :confused2:  )


Canada is being taken over by the ChiComs...

it figures some Dragon Family re-routing of 'funds' might go there.  :P


Religious zealots from Pennsylvania with shell-corp. charities ...?  Where's Lois Lerner...?  <_<

If they haven't been touched by the evil IRS, there MUST be a reason...  <_<


Sovereign-man movements who don't recognize in Admiralty Law...?  

Yet Sharia Law is acceptable in Canada & US...?   <_<  Go figure.


A "conspiracy" by some gubment entity ... sure, why not...  :confused2:

If CRIMINALarious Klinton can pull off a uranium deal with Putin,

why not conspire with  the ChiComs in a big 'ol Dinar deal...?  


And what better operative to "use" for this "secret mission" by a dark gubment agency than a former

CHIPs guy with ties to nefarious orgs (probably also dark gubment set-ups which explains the LoisLerner hands-off ).


Or it's all just a few greedy pigs who conspired to relieve small, hopeful, gullible souls who saw themselves as

savvy 'investors' of their Dinar with the 'ol promise  makin' the rounds on the dinar sites of

 "cash-in-with-a-group so you, too, can cash out like a whale".  :facepalm1:  


So, even if the Canadian gubment is acting like -- and telling the Press to act like -- the IQD is value-less,

they sure are going to an awful lotta trouble to protect seized colourful toilet paper:lol:


Crazy fun article, SHEDAGAL... thanks !   :tiphat:

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