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Claims in Kurdistan issuing Banknotes their own to overcome the financial crisis


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Monday January 25 2016 11:16
called on Secretary General of the development movement and political reform Mohammed Baziyani, Monday, the Government of the territory of Kurdistan to the issuance of Banknotes especially in the province to overcome the financial crisis, noting that the issuance of the Kurdish currencies would be a step in the direction of financial independence. He said Baziyani in an interview with Alsumaria's News, The "The government of the Kurdistan region Banknotes their own to overcome the financial crisis issue," noting that "it is through the issuance of paper currency will ensure the region pay the salaries of its staff without any problems."

Baziyani "The stock Kurdish issue will be the internal financial transactions", noting that "the regime of Saddam Hussein issued Banknotes when the imposition of the economic embargo on I consider Baziyani that "the issuance of securities by the Government the region would be a step in the direction of financial independence and the establishment of a Kurdish state ", adding that" it will become a reality in the future in the event of taking this step. "suffer the Kurdistan region from a severe financial crisis since the Kurdistan Regional Government has been unable to pay arrears of salaries to its employees since last September , the county financial crisis, officials attributed to a decline in oil prices and the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil on oil You and the budget and the war against "Daash" and sheltering more than a million and a half displaced persons and refugees.

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The people in the Kurdistan region is weary. They used to be known for their education and prosperity. Now they have war, the presence of ISIS,  refugees who are cold and underfed.  They need the support of Baghdad and the HCL to get their 17%. This is what i was talking about in GregHi's post.


It doesn't matter if it is smoke, this is what they are feeling. It won't happen, but if they don't get support soon, the parliament meetings will not have quorums, tribal fighting will escalate, sunni/s and shites will polarize and it will look like it did when Nuri Maliki was in power.


IMO, It is an honest cry for help from Baghdad. Let's hope they respond soon.

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