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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Trump will revalue the Dinar on his first day in office!

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Benny, Benny, Benny.  What you said ... now thats funny. I don't care who you are.  The bad part is what am I to do with the predictable caustic response that I was gonna post ??? Well, just put me in a round room and tell me to pee in the corner.

Per your request.

Go potty go potty!Good boy!


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The United States president has nothing to do with iraq's decision to revalue the dinar. They like receiving our aid, but they don't like us meddling in their sovereign affairs. The CBI and the MOF and the GOI will make the decisions regarding the dinar, and they will make those decisions based on what's best for them keeping their plush government jobs!

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Well he authored the art of the deal and I understand he is positioned to take advantage of it's RV but more importantly...The world and this country needs a change....He might offer it......Israel lives in a very dangerous neighborhood...but they know it and take action ...NEWS FLASH! ... the same people that seek to wipe them out are now exporting their dangerous way of life to the rest of the world...Which has its head in the sand. We are not dealing with reality ..We are a dysfunctional world living in denial, avoiding reality ...
If we are to survive we must seek help!!! Our leaders are marinating in their own disfunction, treason and denial. Those who speak smooth words when they are not appropriate need to be ignored and seek help! Those who rock your crib and perhaps make you a bit uncomfortable ...need to be listened too...NOW. There has never been a more dangerous time on the Planet...and seeking the false safety of denial is not the answer. It is time to listen too and elect leaders who will dare to speak the truth and then act accordingly! Again learn from the Israelis! ...Don't panic...ACT...and if they happen to share our investment....GOOD! :salute:  :twothumbs:


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Wow, what a whopper......

I would think that any president could not use the power of the office of the President of The United States to further his interest.

Dave AKA: Seabee

Hey Mr. Dave, I can't tell if you're being serious of funny with your comment here so I think I'll ask.  I don't think I've ever seen you joke around much here so I'm taking you at your word and you can correct me if I'm wrong.  But, there's never been a President is history that did not use the office to better his own interest even if he was good to the Country.JMO


Dan AKA: Animal

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How many plane loads of IQD did Trump have again? And what kind of planes were those again? Yeah Trump swears the oath to be president and the first thing he does is get in line to exchange the dinar at WF where the wealth manager at the local branch in DC is all googly-eyes at Trump!


And by the way, that would mean the RV happens in the first quarter of 2017! 



No wonder why Trump wants to be Prez so he can make the RV happen!


I say peg the dinar to a Kardashian's behind. So it grows the Dinar grows.

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If Iraq has billions of US dollars, I would expect the CBI to dump as much of that US currency as fast as possible just before an RV by converting it to IQD, even at a rate much higher than 1:1180, even they pay a premium for it.

If the CBI truly has complete control over the RV, why would they not orchestrate such a grand (and legal) insider trade just before they RV?

It might also help such a move if they first gradually devalue the IQD against the USD, hoping to bring as much of the IQD home (and purge themselves of as much USD as possible).

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