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From Facebook 12-21-2015

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Iraq has made a great deal of progress in the last few months. Are they prepared to go to 1 to 1 as early as next month? On paper it is beginning to look like we are close, but this is still Iraq… There have been a number of articles as well as the Economy Ministry calling for the CBI to raise the value now. We know as of day before yesterday Abadi said in a speech that the time has come to start the new economy. Iraq has been preparing for this change to a market economy attempting to attract investors for over a year. It looks to me as they are getting ready to make great changes. My best guess because it is Iraq, is April first. But who knows. It could happen earlier as many economists and folks in government are pushing for it now.


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Thanks K98 for the post , sounds real good and if we can get 1 to 1  I'll do back flips all the way to my bank  :backflip:   ok sorry just got excited , my back is shot  so I'll have to walk :lol:   man that would make this 5 yr wait worth it all , .86  will work too  :rolleyes:   thanks  ron

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April ? . . . anything with Iraq is possible, I imagine. Abadi states - " the time has come to activate " . . . to the Western mind that means NOW. Not next month or months from NOW . . . at least in my military mind at any rate; Right Now to 72 hrs. timeline is what I'm familiar with.


. . .  " the time has come to activate " - in the Iraqi mind is this phrase to be interpreted as - " in the coming days " " soon "  " in the near future "  ??? We've all been riding this roller coaster long enough to realize what these phrases mean.


We shall see -  :soon:    ?    This old rocking chair is about worn out  :rocking-chair:

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