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Sniper ‘takes out five jihadis with three bullets’ in Iraq

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Monday 14 Dec 2015 2:20 pm
A British Sniper in 2011 (Picture: Rex Shutterstock)

An SAS sniper killed five jihadists and foiled a deadly attack using just three bullets by taking aim at a suicide bomber’s explosive vest, it has been reported.

The soldier took aim just after the Islamists left a bomb factory 10km outside the Daesh-held city of Mosul, the Daily Express reported.

At least two of the five were wearing suicide vests, the paper said, while the other men were guarding them on their way to a destructive mission targeting innocent people.

Three of the men leaving the factory were said to be wearing heavy coats to hide their suicide vests as they left the factory despite the desert heat.

The paper claimed they were ready to launch an attack on a nearby town which could have killed a ‘huge number’ of innocent civilians.


British army sniper in Helmand, Afghanistan (Picture: Getty)

The first jihadi was allegedly shot in the chest, detonating his vest and killing him instantly along with two guards.

After this, the second terrorist was killed with a shot to the head as he tried to get back into the factory and the third was killed when his suicide vest was detonated by a final shot.

An Army source told the paper that they had intelligence a bomb factory was operating but it was unsuitable for air strikes because it was close to civilian homes.

He claimed the operation had been a ‘complete success’ as with just three shots the team had probably saved the lives of hundreds of people.

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That was a wise investment in that young man training!


Our military has always made me proud! Just wish Washington valued their service to our nation!


I see the new budget and saw all kinds of tax credits for businesses (as usual) but no tax credit for our retired military! Washington talks the talk but does not walk the walk! S A D  :(  :(  :(

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