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Adam Montana Weekly 9 December 2015

Adam Montana

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Good morning and happy Wednesday!
Things to take note of:
- Parliament is currently active. The budget was on the agenda 
today and could be again tomorrow. 
-  Part of the budget talks include oil law related items. Moving forward!   
And there is good stuff happening over there, although sometimes you 
have to look harder to find the positives. We all know the MSM doesn't 
make as much money on good news! I posted a few this morning:
- Over 600 ISIS killed in November (Kurds) -
-  Iraqi army preparing to retake Shargat -
- Large parts of Ramadi recaptured from Daesh -
With those things said, I still can't say the magic words. There are 
lots of positive rumors floating around, but until they become fact... :shrug:
Not much else to say for now... here's the weekly Q's!




Hi Adam.

As This is being written Tuesday you may have already addressed it in real time on Wednesday.

Has the HCL had the second or third readings into the record yet?

Thank you, be safe on the roads.


We don't have an HCL yet. :shrug:


Hello Adam and Mods, any good news about the budget yet? Thank you for all you do for us here.


It's on the agenda, but that's all I can verify at this time.


Still, that's better than no news! :twothumbs:


Seems to be many new people on lately.  Would you once again review briefly some of the various tax liability possibilities.  We all realize no one knows for sure, but I know you have some thoughts you've shared in the past on this.


Thanks again,


I was noticing the same thing bud! Lots of questions that we covered 

extensively in the past, but we haven't talked about much recently.


Speculating on tax rates and implications on the dinar is a lengthy 

conversation. I will give my condensed version in a few brief points.


  1. It is NOT likely at all that we will pay "long term" or "capital gains" taxes on a significant gain. All of my experts agree that it will be a minimum of ordinary income tax.
  2. Depending on your state and country, your max tax rate could easily be over 40%, approaching 50%. 
  3. A worst case scenario is where a "windfall tax" is applied and it goes even higher. I'm pretty sure we all agree that Uncle Sam knows how to find the Dinar that was purchased in the states!

There are ways to defer gains like these, and even ways to minimize 

your tax liabilities to almost $0. Those are things I talk about in the 

VIP section in great detail, all 100% legal and above board. 


VIP members, today or tomorrow I will send out a refresher email on 

where specifically to read up on those details.




*** Edited to add the VIP link I am sending by email right now:


What is up with the exchange rate on Each day or so, the exchange rate changes from 1115 to 1114 to 1113 and so on. Today it was at 1103. What's going on?


That site is not reliable for IQD - never has been. :shrug:


To briefly touch on my question from last week that you were hoping to answer on friday:

Is Iraq waiting to build bridges with the GCC, or are they good to go (since we KNOW they have gold)?

I'm hoping they have their delayed vote/meeting/kumbaya chorus before you answer our questions on your weekly chat  and have loads of good news for us  :)

way to go Rodgers, not giving up the other night! The lions could learn something there


Waiting to build bridges? No, I don't think so at all. Iraq is playing politics, 

just like every other government. They are doing just fine building bridges 

and paving roads and all that. 


And Packers, HECK YEAH! Too bad I gave up on the game in the first half 

and went to sleep. :lol:


Earlier this year in a chat in, January I think, you said you could see the dinar rv upwards to the 50 cent range.

With all that has gone on with Iraq this year, more oil, more gold, security, government, IMF and UN aid, you still feel/think they can rv that high?

I know about your 10 cent stance, and believe me...I'm a believer in 'at least' that for an rv.

I was just curious if you've heard anything about a possible rate of 13-26 cents, like a few other middle east countries are currently valued at as well.

Just so Iraq can be 'on par' with some of their neighbors.


I'm going to pass on this one. We're too close to possible news, I wouldn't 

want to jinx anything.




Hi Adam Could you please give us your thoughts on all of the turmoil going on in the mid east. What I am really interested in is if the fighting over there is a problem for the RV? One side of me says it could ruin everything. Then my other side says don't get too concerned as fighting and wars are pretty much an ongoing thing in there lives and they know how to handle it better than we do. So after thinking about, I feel that they have bigger fish to fry and some day they will get bored and get it done.

Sorry for rambling, but a few weeks ago I turned 70 years old and maybe the Iraqis will give me a big birthday present. I'll shut up and give someone else a turn

My opinion on the turmoil stays pretty consistent - they will never stop fighting, 
regardless of the value of their money. They don't fight for money, so it's kind of
irrelevant. Of course it makes a difference, but now that the GOI is reasonably 
stable, the CBI has a strong hold on the rate, Iraq is getting along much nicer 
with themselves... things are going well.
I did post some positive links above. And Happy Birthday! :party:
And so concludes this morning's update. Stay safe, and have a great day!
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Sandfly for the wife and I also went to bed at the half of the Packers game...of course it takes a little more commitment to stay up and watch those late night games when your in the eastern time zone! "But"...we did DVR the 2nd half...just in case...and boy were we pleasantly surprised to hear they won!!! We still got all nervous watchin' even though by then we already knew they won!!! ;o)

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Thanks Adam , very positive chat , it's gettin BETTER  IN HERE PEOPLE  !!! :bravo:   I love it that Adam's  EXCITED !! :backflip:   Me too ,  Sandfly from everyone !!  Stay safe out there Sandfly , make it home safe to all our service people :salute:     I think Laid Back said it best  2016 will be Awesome for ALL !!   my best Ron

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:D :D :D






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