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New Exchange Rate on the CBI 12/02/2015

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OK, I quit posting for the most part because I did not want to continue to pretend 


that I knew something that I may not. And I must admit that what I'm about to post is 


not my idea but someone else's here. At first I didn't believe what I saw, but then after a 


few more days I simply couldn't deny that they have indeed begun floating the dinar, or at 


least that is what it looks like on Forex. 


I suspect that within minutes of the HCL becoming law were going to see a much more wilder 


movement on the chart than we have now.


It wont let me post the chart so you'll have to go to the link

I have been watching this as well. I do not believe it has to be traded internationally to be on Forex. People in the past have stated it is not the dinar changing it is the USD. The USD does not change as much as I have seen the IQD in the past few months. It is being traded or bought or it would not change this much this frequently. Even if it is being traded only in the mid east it is moving...I suspect it is IMO, India, Iran and China primarily trading with Iraq...

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The way I have always looked at these charts is, the price of the dollar fluctuating against the dinar, not the other way around. 

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It's being traded more because of the good economic news and investments.

It's the way the market works no matter what country/currency it is.

Liquidity brings more volatility. I haven't heard anyone in trading circles mention a revalue of Iraq's currency but.. these are real charts not XE non-platform BS.

Good for IRAQ...Zebari's a smart man who's working hard to get the word out his country wants to rebuild economically.

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