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Bill Gates and other billionaires to invest in clean energy

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gates will do as he always does.... toss in a few millions here & there,

take the tax credit and qualify for that amount to be matched in triplicate by the USGOV, (our tax dollars)

making him even richer...


then the whole thing falls apart,

the money is never seen again and you end up with just another hobummer-funded

(i.e. OUR tax dollars) "clean project" NOT UNLIKE SOLYNDRA at al,

which all boils down to ...

hobummer & his ilks method of "wealth re-distribution"..


except, once again, it's stealing from US to enrich themselves...


it's their buddies loop-hole to escape the heavy taxing of the 1% they keep btiching about.


And all the while they are breaking the oil, coal companies and

destroying families & lives they profess to care about !


Hypocrites...?  you bet bill & melinda are a real pair of scammers of the highest order of the cabal .

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