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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

I have Intel from a bank in Baghdad


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greg is that an auditor for the central bank ? or independent of the financial bunch ?   { if they are with the bank  , they might be trying to keep the  confidence in the system ...   not your friend but the other guy !  }  this would  be  very nice  to have  finally happen for sure ...  :peace:

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He said he called and got bounced around about ten times, and the guy picked up.  He said the guy was really nice. Said he was the head auditor.  He talked about moving the decimal over three spaces. He confirmed the 50's to be no good. The 50,000 comes out December 17th.  They would possibly adjust the value to .23 cents to the dollar and go on a open float to just above the dollar. I asked my buddy if he meant remove the zeros on the currency rate or the notes and he didn't ask.  The great delete the zero mystery remains. 

He said of one of the private banks. It was a big chain of banks. It almost sounded like a lop, but he said the guy kept saying the 1,000 note would remain the same. Not sure what all that meant.  I guess we shall see!

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I will be super happy with $.23 per dinar

$230k per million dinar.!

Go Iraq

Go dinar

Go increase exchange rate

Thanks gregp


Yes sir!  I would take that in a second!



My Brother....this is a first for you. I'm Speechless on this one.



Let's hope the decimal moves on the rate,  not the dinar itself.

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What???? That's a very bold statement my friend, I sure hope you are right. As we patiently wait....



Amen my friend. We shall see.  Any past intell i've had never came to.  This was straight from the horses mouth.  This sas straight up.  But....this is Iraq.

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