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Iraq: 300 ISIS Militants Surrender to Peshmerga

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Tileman1814 I like it. We need to keep the liberal media out of the battle field and people really don't need to know how we keep our freedom.



I couldn't agree with you more.


Semper Fi !!!


  :twothumbs:  TILEMAN 1814 FOR PRESIDENT !   :tiphat:

Well thanks but I think I'd just as soon see Ted Cruz take the job.


Semper Fi !!!

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Ahh, ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha. I like this article. I like it alot!

What is Peshmerger doing with the terrorists? Will they go on trial or be executed?




I like it they are not calling it the islamic state, just so-called Islamic State. The Peshmerga are Kurdish fighters. I'm sure they torture some, kill others and lock up the rest. Just guessing.  


Sounds about right jg1.


 Bury them wrapped in pork!


After being shot by those Female Islamic Fighters fighting with the Peshmerga.


Great news. Keep pushing forward.

I like how you think.


Like how you think. :salute:


This is the way to handle isis and the rest of these terrorists.Scare the living hell out of them just like Pershing did back in 1911.


Semper Fi !!!


Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped.  It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of the garrison.  There had been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, so "Black Jack" told his boys to catch the perps and teach them a lesson.

Forced to dig their own graves, the terrorists were all tied to posts, execution style.  The U.S. soldiers then brought in pigs and slaughtered them, rubbing their bullets in the blood and fat.  Thus, the terrorists were terrorized; they saw that they would be contaminated with hogs' blood.  This would mean that they could not enter Heaven, even if they died as terrorist martyrs.

All but one was shot, their bodies dumped into the grave, and the hog guts dumped atop the bodies.  The lone survivor was allowed to escape back to the terrorist camp and tell his brethren what happened to the others.  This brought a stop to terrorism in the Philippines for the next 50 years.  Pointing a gun into the face of Islamic terrorists won't make them flinch.

They welcome the chance to die for Allah.  Like Gen. Pershing, we must show them that they won't get to Muslim heaven (which they believe has an endless supply of virgins) but instead will die with the hated pigs of the devil.



OORAH Marine!  :salute:

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