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Hot Intel From Bruce The Goose...In country RV.


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Luigi says...

Treat this article as a rumor.

Shabibi always stated Iraq would see the RV first, then the globe.

Not varified. Your opine.



11 Nov 2015  Bruce: intel:
It looks like we can be there today, even tonite.  
Tonite I heard the CBI announce the return of the global currency in Iraq yesterday afternoon.
Have we heard it here? no
Iraq has been spending money, clothes, appliances, they are happy, spending the money on their cards
Cards being utilized already, they are back in town.
Why are we last at finding everything out, and notified last?
Take it up to a certain administration.
I believe this is en route.

The TRN not lit up, but (maybe) lit up tonite….. good to go
A new reset of gold (?) a good shape to roll out anytime. Jtake a day or two. just ride it out…..wait for it to show up.
Good info on rates. not much to say, just stay patient. We are hearing very good things
it was pretty good intel to lead us to believe it’s right there, right at the door.
That is all I wish to say. Lets see about tonite. Normal call tomorrow nite.
If everything goes as planned, maybe a celebration call.

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Luigi says...

Now varafied. Your opine.

The first potential real image of the new Iraqi Dinar 50K note has surfaced. I will send this image to dinar guru members shortly...if you're not a member but want to be...

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