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Kurdish leader: the solution in Baghdad

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Kurdish leader: the solution in Baghdad




10/26/2015 0:00 

 Sulaimaniyah - the morning 
caused severe oil dispute between the federal government and the KRG severe economic crisis in the region who refuses to abide by previous agreements that provided for the establishment of SOMO marketing of the oil produced in its territory in exchange for the quota in the budget, amounting to 17 percent. 
The breach or non-compliance with the agreements oil caused Aguetsaah crisis suffocating and reached its peak in recent months to declare Government of the Territory of their inability to pay the salaries of employees in ministries and government institutions for four consecutive months which led to public outcry expressed by mass demonstrations angry in many Kurdish areas with the worsening political crisis. 
attribute political reasons crisis to what they called the b »individual policy» pursued by the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by regional president Massoud Barzani in dealing with the oil file, and accuse the government, which is dominated by a lack of transparency in the oil policy and »resist» Federal Government without justification, critics retreat from previous agreements Under the export of 550 thousand barrels of oil per day by SOMO versus percent share 17 of the state budget. 
In a statement made ​​by »Sabah» leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan unique Ossrd stressed that «oil export independently has failed and it is important that the Government of the Territory stop for this policy because the exit from the crisis with half the loss better than total bankruptcy », indicating« We have tried a lot to persuade the provincial government and the leaders of the Democratic Party of the importance of transparency in the oil policy, but they did not listen to us and insisted on their policy wrong domain oil causing sever our share of the state budget and have found that the independent economic policy advocated by caused many disasters, most notably the development decline and delay the local economy for decades backwards ». 
and about remedy the deteriorating economic situation, the Kurdish leader believes that a return to the federal government and the agreement with them is the safest way, because in light of the continuing deterioration the «all roads lead to Baghdad», and despite the fact that understanding may seem difficult after all that happened, but I think that half the loss better than total bankruptcy, and it must Territory Government is seeking to resume negotiations with Baghdad in order to hold a new agreement adhered to by both parties and come out the region of its economic crisis suffocating, or at least mitigate, especially that things are no longer the most of probability. 
In a related development, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Sulaymaniyah Sirwan Mohammed revealed that the investment projects dropped this year by 90 percent, especially in the field of construction and housing . 
said Mohammed, to move the local site «Awene» permit, that «as a result of the financial crisis plaguing the region, the investment ratio generally has dropped significantly», adding that «according to available statistics were investment rate in 2013 of about $ 12 billion, while in the current year It has reached a whole billion dollars only, while the projects leave was in 2013 of 127 projects, and this year dropped to only 11 vacation .. In the area of registration of companies the figure was lower than 55 percent this year from 2013, and this is proof that economic growth in decline constant and the financial crisis began to deeply affect the joints of the overall local economy. »
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Looks like the Kurds are now ready to take their 17%, whatever the sell rate of a barrel of oil may be.

As the old saying goes, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".

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Yep - they best get after this with 17% of the action, push on and do their part for getting Iraq on a firm global financial footing - or they'll liable to wind up with 17% of NOTHING !

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"All roads lead to Baghdad "

I believe this time they're on a mission to get the HCL done.

Go Iraq



Go 1:1.17

The final countdown .

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26-10-2015 01:30 PM




Detection of the Kurdistan Alliance, on Monday, for the imminent resumption of negotiations between the Governments of center and the region to overcome their differences. 

He said coalition member Majid Chenkali in a press statement today, said that "the governments of center and the region is currently paving to activate the oil agreement through the formation of joint committees to remove the differences between them." 

He added "The negotiations will take place over the next few days," he expected to "conduct negotiations after the federal government agreed to pay the dues of the province." 

The still-oil exports needed to Kurdistan and dues from the general budget occupy the political arena in the country, after he saw the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil significant violations After that the province resumed its oil exports away from the center.

Read more:

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    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Friday all!
      I'm just going to give everyone a brief... briefing. 
      You know anytime the Gurus start harping on the "800" numbers, the news is slow. This time is no different... we've heard nada about anything HCL related in about a week.
      Bad news - we haven't heard anything HCL related.
      Good news - once we DO hear something about HCL, I think it's going to be an avalanche.

      That's it for the briefing! Told you it was going to be brief  
      Good vibes over in the "Go Iraq" thread  - I'd suggest hanging out with that crowd rather than the rest of the dinar rumors section, but that's just me.  
      Cryptocurrency is a topic of major interest to many of the members here... we have a dedicated section in the VIP area for it, but let's open this weekly update thread up for anything you want to say regarding crypto. BTC is currently at 10,400 ish, which is the current high for the day. Some pretty interesting news for crypto is on Baakt:

    • By Adam Montana
      Oil and gas laws: a crux of Erbil-Baghdad tension
      By Omar Moradi yesterday at 11:14 Iraqi forces drive past an oil production plant as they head towards the city of Kirkuk on October 16, 2017. Photo: Ahmad al-Rubaye | AFP The lack of oil and gas federal legislation has been the root cause of problems between Erbil and Baghdad since the Iraqi constitution was approved in 2005. Now there is a government in Baghdad that has shown its desire to resolve these problems through dialogue, and the success of the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet depends on whether the oil and gas issue is resolved with Baghdad.

      According to the constitution, it is the joint responsibility of both the federal and regional government to develop oil and gas resources through a particular oil and gas legislation. But as of yet, no such legislation has been passed, causing disagreements between the two governments.
      Iraq's parliament unsuccessfully tried to pass a law on oil and gas in 2007. Following that, Kurdish parliament passed its own oil and gas law that same year, allowing the KRG to handle and develop the region’s natural resources.

      The Kurdistan Region parliament’s oil and gas law gave it complete power over the region’s natural resources, much like an independent and sovereign country. The conditions of the oil market along with the law helped foreign companies invest substantially in the oil and gas sectors in the Kurdistan Region.
        Investments in Kurdistan Region’s oil and gas sectors reached its peak when oil prices were high pre-2014, surpassing $20 billion. But after oil prices fell in mid-2014, the Kurdistan Region and the rest of the world's oil investors faced a deficit. 

      This shock was especially big in the Kurdistan Region. The federal government in Baghdad cut Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget in 2014, after which a big financial crisis rocked the Kurdistan Region. The impact of the crisis is still seen in the Region's economy. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) still owes money it borrowed during this time.

      The KRG and federal government should resolve oil and budget problems in order for stability and certainty to return to the economy of the Kurdistan Region - otherwise a big opportunity will be missed.

      The Iraqi constitution can help in this matter. According to Article 112 of the Iraqi constitution, the running of oilfields in Iraq is the responsibility of both federal and regional governments, or the provinces the oil lies in.

      According to the oil and gas law of the Kurdistan Region, the KRG and its Ministry of Natural Resources are free to sign contracts with foreign companies that serve the interests of the Kurdistan Region. That is why the KRG signed nearly 50 contracts with oil companies after 2007 which are producing substantial amounts of oil and natural gas.
        The KRG planned to produce a million barrels of oil per day, but couldn’t do so because of the Islamic State (ISIS) onslaught and falling oil prices after 2014. But because of its robust oil and gas legislation, it still has the ability to produce vast quantities of oil and gas in the coming years.

      The Kurdistan Region’s oil and gas law shouldn’t be abandoned in negotiations between the KRG and federal government on the issue of oil sales and production. The oil and gas law of the Kurdistan Region allows for the setting up of a box for oil revenues. The law also considers the formation of some national companies for the exploration, production, and marketing of oil in the Kurdistan Region. The establishment of these national companies can reinvigorate the oil sector in the Kurdistan Region.

      With regards to the sale of oil, the Kurdistan Region can give all or some of the oil it produces to the federal government via national companies and ask for its fair share in return. This will not reduce the Kurdistan Region’s control over its oil sector, as the KRG has its own oil and gas law, is running these sectors in its own way, and has established its own mechanism and infrastructure for the last 10 years.
    • By SocalDinar
      Oil and gas disputes with Baghdad to be addressed once new KRG cabinet formed
       Sangar Ali | 8 hours ago Share share
        An oil field in Nasiriya, in southern Iraq. (Photo: Reuters/Atef Hassan)   Kurdistan Iraq Erbil Baghdad Oil Gas  A+AA- ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – A delegatiom from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will visit Baghdad to discuss disputes over Iraqi oil once the new Kurdish government is formed, a member of parliament in the Iraqi capital said on Wednesday.
      Oil and gas shares and distribution have been the subject of a long-standing dispute between the KRG and the federal government of Iraq since 2003.
      Following the formation of the new Iraqi federal government in Oct. 2018, both Erbil and Baghdad agreed on the 2019 national budget bill, which requires the Iraqi government to deliver the salaries of KRG employees along with some financial compensation as the KRG hands over the export of 250,000 oil barrels per day (bpd) to the Iraqi oil marketing company – SOMO.
      Since the beginning of this year, the Iraqi federal government headed by Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has delivered the salaries of the KRG employees on a monthly basis, but the KRG is yet to deliver the prescribed amount of oil to Baghdad as indicated in the Iraqi national budget bill.
      Over the past few weeks, many Iraqi lawmakers have complained in parliament about the delayed KRG oil transfers, questioning the silence of the Iraqi government in that regard.
      On Tuesday, Abdul-Mahdi, for the first time, issued a warning to the KRG for failing to meet its commitment in the delivery of oil to Baghdad. The warning came after pressure from multiple factions in the Iraqi parliament.
      A lawmaker for the largest Kurdish faction in the Iraqi Parliament says that once the new KRG cabinet is formed, which is expected to happen in June, an oil and gas delegation from the KRG will visit Baghdad to hold talks. 
      “Today [Wednesday], we, as a group of Kurdish lawmakers, met with Abdul-Mahdi for a short period to discuss the matter. We couldn’t discuss things in details, but agreed that it would be best for the KRG delegation to visit Baghdad and address the issue,” Aram Balatayi, a member of Iraq’s Oil and Gas Parliamentary Committee, and spokesperson for the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) faction in Iraqi Parliament, was quoted as saying on the party’s official website.
      “The Kurdistan Region has an obligation to hand over the oil to Baghdad,” he continued.
      “For more than ten years, the Kurdistan Region put effort into and created policies for its oil sector, so it is not easy to now seamlessly hand over the industry to Baghdad. Either the Iraqi government should pay dues of oil companies in the region, or the Kurdistan Region has to sell its oil to pay off those dues. Kurdistan can’t just hand over the oil to Baghdad and Baghdad then refuse to pay the companies.”
      Balatayi noted that both Erbil and Baghdad could reach an agreement on who would pay the dues and debts of those companies. If it is the KRG, then the Kurdistan Region “has to continue selling its oil,” but should Baghdad decide to absorb those financial obligations, “then this is another subject, and we will have our say at that moment.”
      The Kurdish lawmaker also noted that Kurds do not have a representative in Iraq’s SOMO and are not sure if they would be given a seat at the table to represent their interests.
      “There is still an ideology of centralizing power in Baghdad. We have issues with that, and a mechanism should be developed to deal with this,” he added.
      Gulizar Rashid Sindi, the deputy head of the Kurdistan Region’s Energy and Natural Resource Parliamentary Committee, stated that both the Kurdistan Parliament and the new KRG cabinet should cooperate in this regard.
      “The Kurdistan Region urges the resolution of the energy question through dialogue and the proper mechanisms,” Sindi told the official KDP website.
      “The Kurdistan Region will not be bound by Baghdad’s request if it isn't in the interest of the people of Kurdistan.”
    • By Adam Montana
      ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani met on Thursday with his Iraqi counterpart Adil Abdul-Mahdi in Baghdad.
      The two premiers reportedly discussed bilateral ties and ways to resolve the remaining disputes between Erbil and Baghdad.
      This is the first visit to Baghdad by PM Barzani since the approval of Iraq’s 2019 budget bill which secured the salaries for Peshmerga and public servants of Kurdistan Region.
      No officials statements have yet been made.
      "First visit... since the approval of (the budget)"... It's only been a week!
      This is moving, and fast.

    • By Adam Montana
      I know, it's not Wednesday...
      Hey everyone!
      I mentioned recently that the "Weekly Updates" may be switching days - I expected
      the news to start getting busy, and that is now official! I haven’t picked a specific day yet,
      and I may not need to.
      The weekly updates won't be necessary once we have an RV, and the stars are lining up very 
      nicely right now.
      Fingers crossed on that one. I’ll explain why below, and you might want to strap in for this one!
      First, the budget was submitted, signed, and looks like it will be passed, with a HUGE
      keynote - a significantly acceptable portion of the budget going to the Kurds. This has
      been a major point of contention between the parties over the years, in fact it’s possibly
      the biggest point of disagreement and reason for delays in the budget approval process
      in recent history.
      You can read the budget as it is written and posted here, but it needs to be published in the
      Gazette to be official. This may be happening yet this week, and if it does... that will be insanely
      It's barely the first week of February!!! Last year the Budget was boycotted by the Kurds in March,
      and they threatened to secede over the disputes.
      THAT is how far we've come in a year!!!
      If you’re not already squirming, let me tell you - this is awesome news. A happy GOI is a
      GOI that we can get behind, because it’s one that is more likely to RV. And this is possibly
      the happiest we’ve ever seen them!
      That by itself may have been enough reason for me to send out a special email on most
      weeks, but this week - THIS week - we have more.
      Maybe MUCH more!
      I’m trying to contain my excitement, and I’ve been doing a pretty good job of staying (mostly)
      in my seat, but it’s getting more and more difficult.
      We may have an HCL agreement shortly!
      I’ve been on the verge of releasing this information for over a week, and I’ve only held off
      because THIS is the kind of movement we need to see for an RV to happen, and I didn’t
      want to release the news without a full confirmation.
      As the news keeps coming out, this is going to start getting press in other places, so you
      may as well hear it here.
      If you’ve been following me for any time now, you know I’ve been on an “HCL-requirement”
      kick for a couple years now. No HCL = no RV. I've harped on that for years... and now, after 
      a long ride, it's not just on the horizon - it's coming at us, lights flashing and horns blaring!
      If you have NOT been with me for that long, let me introduce myself!
      Hi, I’m Adam Montana. The possibility of a Dinar RV has been in the works for a while
      now - over a decade, in fact.
      I’ve been following it, and helping tens of thousands of people avoid bad info, for the entire time.
      The summary on Iraqi Dinar is simple - back in 2003, the country of Iraq went through some
      stuff and their currency plummeted in value. It was once worth over $3 per one Iraqi Dinar,
      and now it’s worse than 1000 dinars to $1. 
      It was even worse, so much worse that those of us who got in early enough have already doubled our money.
      But, and this is why most of us are here in the first place, it stands a fighting chance of going
      back to it’s former value, or “ReValuing”, upwards to the tune of 100x where it is now or even more.
      When that happens, those of us who have the current Iraqi Dinar (not the “old notes” with Saddam
      Hussein’s face on them) will be able to exchange at that higher value, winning us an amazing profit.
      It’s called a “windfall”, and it’s definitely a real thing.
      Here’s where yours truly comes in. Throughout this whole venture, and before most of us ever heard
      of the Iraqi Dinar, I’ve been fortunate enough to have contacts in places that matter to get the absolute
      best return on the exchange. Because of the loyal group of members here at dinarvets who have committed
      to work alongside my partners and I in this, we have formed the STRONGEST and BEST CONNECTED
      group of dinar holders in the world… and this gives us EVEN MORE leverage. It's a snowball effect, and 
      it's a good place to be.
      In short, we’re going to put more money in our pocket than the average Joe or Mary that simply goes
      to the bank to cash in.
      Not only that, but the years of networking and planning for this event have allowed my contacts and
      I to put together the absolute best strategies for reducing tax liabilities, minimize risk, and even invest 
      after the fact to increase our returns.
      The best part? There will be no “800 numbers” to call. The VIP group will NEVER part with their dinar as part
      of their exchange. And if you decide to pay the measly amount of money it costs to join the VIP group,
      you are ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to get a return on that expense when we cash in on the RV, or I’ll
      refund every penny you spent on VIP.
      Your time may be running out. Join VIP here, before it's too late.
      Back to the Dinar, for the past couple years I’ve been saying that we need to see progress on the HCL
      to see the RV. While other websites and “gurus” are talking about people already cashing in (fake news),
      or having “secret intel” on the timing of this event… I’ve been telling people to remain calm. 
      That’s one of the reasons thousands of VIP members place their trust in my and the programs here,
      because I don’t fluff this stuff up just to get people excited.
      I do the opposite - if there’s nothing going on, I tell it like it is, no matter who gets mad at me for it.
      (It happens! )
      Well… the time that we have been waiting on may be over. There is news out right now that is more
      encouraging regarding the HCL than ANYthing I have ever seen, and that means we’re almost there.
      It means this may be your last chance to get in VIP. Your chance to get in VIP may be over before I
      get this email sent out! And if the RV is announced, and you’re not in the VIP group - you’re on your
      own. No benefits, no tax benefits, and good luck to you.
      Now is probably the most URGENT time in this venture to get in VIP.
      Join here:
      Remember, there’s a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and a LOT to gain. 
      See you in there!
      - Adam Montana
      P.S. In reading the above, I see that I didn't explain why the HCL is important. In a nutshell, it's important
      to the Kurds so they get a fair share of oil revenue, and ties in very closely to their concerns on the budget. 

      Both of those issues are melting away, right in front of our eyes.
      With these two things lining up at the same time, we have the most perfect situation to see an RV that I've 
      ever witnessed.
      RIGHT NOW is an amazing time to be part of  this situation!



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