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Your Bullets Will soon be Obsolete

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With all the "goings on" going on, a lot of people have realized that maybe our government doesn't have the best foreign policy.


We have emotional liberal progressives giving hysterically impassioned speeches, decrying everything from the evil of demanding to keep the money you work for, to insisting we are arrogant for insisting we have the right to protect ourselves.


Our "leaders" have willingly aligned themselves with the highest bidder, and forced themselves to believe the illogical tenants of everything that is global socialism.


While conservatives have been tirelessly working to help open eyes, the elites have been paying hordes scientists to develop methods to not just control populations, but to do so with non-invasive ways that will not leave any trace of the culprit behind.


It started innocently enough. A pest spray for farmers that didn't involve dumping tons of poison on our food, killing any mammals unlucky enough to be in the direct line, or slowly killing the very people the crops were grown to support, through birth defects, cancers, or direct adverse reaction.

So, nano bots were developed.

A nanobot is not a very tiny robot with little waving arms shouting "take me to your leader".

They are engineered molecules that when combined with other molecules or elements, with attach to other molecules, which then causes a chemical chain reaction that will have a specific desired effect.

Sometimes it takes a high energy spray nozzle, with a certain amount of heat combining stuff that if done in the exact sequence, becomes a tiny crystal, which then is treated with infrared light, certain sound waves, shot through a turbine engine, needs a high altitude environment, or any number of external forces applied to "stir" the brew.

Often, nanobot creation is a multiple stage event.


So instead of spraying poison on our food, how about some man made particles smaller than dust that has no chemical interaction with the human body, but can enter an insect, and the chemical reaction with that certain insect's physiology destroys the insect.

Then, when the host is dead, chemical reaction to the new molecules causes a "structure" that looks like the host, but it has glowing eyes.

Those glowing eyes attract the dead bug's buddies, they get infected, and on it goes, until no more bugs eating the crops, destroying our food source, and costing the farmers a lot of wasted money.

All they need to do is wash off the dead bugs and it's dinner time.


Nanobots, nanoids, nanites, whatever you want to call them, are mostly inert. They need a power source to operate.


That's what is needed for just about everything. A compound that will react, and a power source to initiate and facilitate the reaction.


What if I told you there's some far more nefarious uses for militarized nanobots, applications that can render conventional guns as useless as the swords were for the Poles on horseback, that bravely charged the Russians in their tanks and were cut down by machine guns, while bravely fighting in their version of an independence revolution, aside from the millions of patriots that were mercilessly murdered, all the world did was made up "Pollock jokes", to laugh away their guilt for allowing it to happen.


Think enemy nation launching nuke ICBM. There's an obvious time lag from our diligent military detecting it, identifying it, getting authorization for action, pushing the button to initiate action, calculating trajectory, then firing an intercept.

Even then, rocket tech is known, and the speed a missile can travel finite.

Assume everything works perfectly, and our shot is really really good, but not quite the "Robin Hood" accuracy needed to actually hit a target moving at 7,500 MPH with another object moving at 7,500 MPH in the other direction.

Oops, quick, try again. Even the best "shot" is at the mercy of atmospheric conditions, and can be blown off course in severe weather.

That's a lot of crazy variables to be at the mercy of, especially if a lot of people will die as a result of failure.


Enter HAARP.

Developed first as a way to communicate with US subs without them having to ascend to scope depth, in naval warfare, that's like shooting up a flare to the enemy to give away position.

HAARP uses microwave spectrum frequencies.

So, let's pretend we have already saturated the atmosphere with other nanobot crystals, all floating round on airborne dust or water molecules.

We see the incoming ICBM, plot trajectory, punch a button, and instead of waiting for our missile to fly, we send a microwave beam bouncing off the ionosphere, down into an area just in front of the missile, which causes the nanobots to burst into a cloud of 2000° plasma, which the missile flies into, and is then destroyed by the heat.

Pretty cool, weapon delivered at 186,000 MPH, about 24 times faster than the fastest missile. (assuming they actually CAN travel at mach 10)


Ok, we're still on helping, but that ends now.

It's already well known HAARP "testing" has caused earthquakes by turning underground water into steam, which takes up 1500 times more area than in condensed liquid state, the resulting expanding steam has the energy to move earth plates, open unsupported chasms, and initiate events that cause large portions the earth to move quickly, resulting in earthquakes and  tsunamis. 


Weather modifications also involve nanobots released into the  troposphere that can cause "global warming mitigation" by affecting sunlight.


Medical science has begun to use nanobots to treat illness like cancer, kill toxins, and even combine to nanomanipulations.

Human moods are a direct result of the chemical balances, or imbalances, of an individual.

What if other nanobots, already present in the air we breathe, and therefore in our bloodstream, when subjected to a very narrow and specific microwave beam frequency, have the ability to cause a chemical reaction in a certain number of susceptible humans, that creates an imbalance which results in a psychosis that produces an uncontrollable rage?

It is also well known that severe emotions are "contagious", especially rage, and exponentially increased in those certain persons have been mentally "primed" by propaganda and deception into believing they are oppressed and disadvantaged.

All it takes is a little "spark", and an otherwise normal, unsuspecting, healthy person experiences an anger like they have never known before.

That anger becomes manifest when the "victim" acts out, wrecking destruction and violence on anything in proximity, inspiring others to join whom also consider themselves "victims".


I don't remember the numbers, but all it takes is perhaps 1 in 10, consider an urban setting with 100,000, 500,000, or 1 million plus, with 1/10th going off on anyone and anything close.


Instant chaos and anarchy, across an entire county.


With other nanobots, all they have to do is activate, and the human host will be destroyed from within.

A simple sweep in a grid pattern across a state, or certain area, give it a week, and no more pesky humans to deal with.


The globalists have always provided a "target" to distract, while the real intent is right in front of your eyes.


Just thought I'd prop up the hatch of my latest "rabbit hole" and say hello.....DM

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