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US Contactors Paid At New Rate...Walk Off Jobs.


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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these posts of Dinarian interests...
      Confirmations of RV  exchange rate of $4.71.
      Treat as rumors.  Not verified.  Your opine.
      10-16-2021   Intel Guru MarkZ:   
      I have had a number of confirmations from government contractors & government employees out of Iraq since yesterday that the rate over there is going to be $4.71.  This is what the contractors told me…many sources… We will find out for sure when Iraq banks open tomorrow…Let’s hope this is it…the news really has been phenominal!!
      10-16-2021   Intel Gurus MarkZ & Okie_Oil_Man:
       MARKZ:  I am getting fantastic chatter and I know you are as well…. I am getting solid stuff from the banking side…are you hearing similar things? ...praying that you get to “land that plane” for us.  OKIE: I am hearing this also...I look forward to landing...nuff said.
      10-16-2021   Newshound Guru Kaperoni:
      The CBI also published monetary policy expectations 2020 through 2022. Which included many steps including digital transition, banking insurance, development of the banking sector, facilitating financing and putting the dinar on par with the dollar globally. We shall see.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...
      Not pumping or promoting any site but this looks very, very interesting.
      Could IQD trading on FOREX drive up the value of the currency right out the RV starting gate?
      If so...then maybe the IQD can or will maybe make it's debut at a higher than anticipated opening RV rate.
      Treat as possible news yet do your own do diligence & treat as a rumor for now.
      from another edu currency training site...February 25, 2021...
      Forex: Trading IQD Investors Start $10 Account Exotic Currencies:
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles from the TNT & Bruce Calls...
      They're claiming there's different exchange rates to ask for.
      If you do not ask, the banks can cheat you out of a lot of money.
      Peronally, Luigi believes there will be only one exchange rate, the official exchange rate.
      All these other exchange rates are a bunch of hogwash the Gurus made up in their heads.
      Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.
      TNT Tony & Bruce The Goose suggests we ask the exchange rates for all the below & take the one that will give us the best return rate at our exchange...The banks can win & cheat you out of your lion's share if you do not ask about the different exchange rates & choose the best or highest rates. This goes especially for the IQD, Dong, Indonesian Rupia, Afghani & Iran Rial. IQD will be anywhere from $1 USD to $26 & the Dong at .04 to .47 cents.
      -Official Rates.
      -Iraq Rates.
      -Street Rates.
      -US Rates.
      -EO 13303 Rates.
      -Non Diclosure Rate.
      -UN Operation Rates.
      -Bank Rates.
      -Front Screen Rates.
      -Back Screen Rates.
      -Redemption Center Rates.
      -Forex Rates.
      -International Rates.
      -Contract Rates.
      -Chinese Dragon Rates.
      -Humanitarian Projects Contract Rates.
      -Whale Rates. If you have large amounts of currencies.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles of interests....
      Abadi quote this week   "Oil for all Iraqis. Land for all Iraqis. Wealth for all Iraqis"
      Not verified. Your opine.
      20 Sep 2017  The Rat...
      All eyes are now on Thursday, when Abadi is making a speech to the UN.  Info has already come out that he will be making a presentation on ‘internationalism’;  they are considering this a nation-wide event in Iraq, and it will be broadcast in all the provinces at 6.30 Iraqi time.  Thursday is a holiday, and banks are closed on Friday anyway, but Sunday the banks are open in Iraq, and that is the day they expect to receive their pay, and they expect it at the new rate – and that is probably what Abadi will announce on Thursday, with the rate being released on Sunday the 24th.
      9-20-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru payray    The Media Office the PM- Twitter...  "Dr. Haider Abadi: Oil for all Iraqis, land for all Iraqis, and wealth for all Iraqis."    If that does not get the Iraqi citizens just a little excited!... All I can say is that I hope they deliver simply because there seems to be a buildup of sorts... A huge party on Thursday evening, putting up giant screens at the parliament building, the CBI governor sponsoring this huge event along with bank representatives, and last but not least, all of this talk of increasing the dinar's value during this last year... The CBI governor is even going to be at this gathering during this World Peace gathering... Why I ask?...   Not trying to give anyone false hope, but if we are not just a little excited about this coming week... Being a little enlivened is not such a bad thing is it?... 
    • By Luigi1
      Bruce  15 Nov 2016:  Where are we since Thursday?  A lot has happened.  It is the 15th, and normally we get the UN Operational rates on the 15th.  What happened yesterday in preparation for that, the screens maybe it was the front screens of the banking institutions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, meaning North America, all went dark. 

      They went dark maybe not all day but for hours for a period of time they went black. Why? 

      It was because the rates were being updated, reinstalled onto the screens to be used at a later time which we thought would be today.  I don’t think they have been indicated today yet.  But that can occur today or tomorrow.  That is really interesting. 

      It not only happened in North America, but at some point in the afternoon or last night it happened around the world.  All the banks around the world were reinstalling the rates.  That never happened before.  I think it is an important event that took place.

      Bruce:  Today, the United Nations Operational rates were supposed to be effective on this date.  So far we are waiting for that to occur.  Maybe there been some rate changes. Maybe some rates, but still not up yet. I am sure there is more we are looking for in that area.
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