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The arrival of the first US troops to the west of Baghdad


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Alarhev_ image of US troops in an Iraqi camps



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09/27/2015 21:30


Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: security source in Baghdad said on Sunday that the vanguard of US troops arrived at the farm camp, west of the capital, and did some reconnaissance. The source for "tomorrow Press," that "the farm camp, west of Baghdad, which is one of the camps the task of command and control in the liberation of Fallujah spend on the vine battles, witnessed, today, and arrival of the first US troops. " The source, who asked not to be named, he said "US forces carried out a survey in the areas of petition as well as the highway link between Baghdad and Anbar province."


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I hear the rotations are for them to be there for a year a piece. If only Obama listened to his Military Command Advisors and kept a stay behind force there we could have avoided most of this mess. The Syrian population would not be on the march. Russia would not be pre-positioning Russian Forward Bases inside Syria, and we would not be looking at a uneasy scenario where we are fighting with the Russians towards individual common goals in battling the ISIS situation. God protect us.

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