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Warning Of An Imminent Collapse Of The Iraqi Dinar !

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The only things that is going to collapse after the dinar exchange is my coffee table under the weight of good old USD ! Seriously I'm LMAO ! collapse to what ?  These articles are a joke, the dinar is pegged to the USD and if you believe that Uncle Sam is going out of business you probably need to pack up and move now. 

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Warning of an imminent collapse of the Iraqi dinar

Writings Sunday 13 September 2015, 16:39 am

Wrote Ahmed Altaama: Economists warned of the imminent collapse of the Iraqi dinar, amid security and economic chaos plaguing the country, and the state's inability to pay employees and retirees and accessories ongoing war salaries with the organization of the Islamic State "Daash";

Wish I had a Dollar for every time this article has been printed in the last 11 years.

Boozer - Quit Posting During Happy Hour ! :blink:

They Didn't Have The Lakers JV Team In Iraq 11 Years Ago ! :o


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