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Facebook allows users to transfer funds via the "Messenger" feature


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Publishing Date: Fri, 03 Jul two thousand and fifteen 8:34:14 | Views: 26
BAGHDAD - News today 
announced the social networking site management Facebook for activating the transfer of funds advantage through the application of freelancing "Messenger" Messenger, a feature that was previously disclosed in the month of March, which allows the transfer of funds in real time via chat application. The user needs to take advantage of the feature add data Debit Card its own Visa or MasterCard type, and to send money to a specific person card, open private conversation with him, and the pressure on the US dollar sign ($), and then typing the amount to be sent, and press the Pay button at the top of the page. It works feature well, the parties must have the bank accounts are under way, to be synchronized with the application Messenger, must also for the future of money to enter his bank account information to be receiving money on them, and then open the message and accept the assignment, and will finance the transaction in the log messages between the two. The up period The arrival of funds to the future party, to three working days, such as traditional banking transactions, nor are any fees deduction particularly the transfer of money, unlike some other services. Facebook said it is equipped team of experts to prevent any fraud occurred through the new service, where they do monitor the transactions that have been, and may examine any suspected transactions through the application of the Messenger.
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facebook has done little to assist apprehension of the evil daesh....


virtually no cooperation to track their activity, money movement, etc...



this sort of thing only benefits TPTB who want to know EVERYTHING about us, but have little interest in stopping evil.


Anything that makes it easier for them to control us through our money is NOT a good thing.



We opt out of any form of electronic banking.... we refuse to wear ANY of the neckties they offer as gifts,

because it only makes it easier for them to hang US with them.

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I agree with SgtFuryUSCZ.  Also, too much functionality appears to be an open invitation to hackers to nefariously destroy someone's reputation or financial well being with significant anonymity with little to no way for the person so harmed to regain the lost reputation or financial well being.

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SYNOPSIS --SO right !  And there is NO coming back from that these days!  NO protections !




when we found out they can shut yer car down whilst it's haulin' 70 down the highway with a flip of a switch, we were done.



FINANCIAL OVER REACH to attain FULL CONTROL IS NO WAY FOR PATRIOTS TO LIVE FREE ! essence - you are handing over control to EVIL.



When hobummer unleashed "OPERATION CHOKEPOINT"  -- we said "aw, hell no !"....


When we realised the IRS had gone FULL ROGUE with NO OVERSIGHT and NO ACCOUNTABILTY...



When we saw that hobummer-LACK-O-CARE was merely a HARVESTING OF PERSONAL DATA FOR TPTB...




WAKE UP -- It's Just a data gathering operation to be ready for the 1-payer system they're after.)




Is it workin' for ya right this minute...?  

Good for you, you're letting them eat off your plate and you'll end up starved to death when THEY decide it's YOU'RE TURN to go !


BTW -- If any of you still think you & your money are protected by the FDIC -- you're a moron.

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SgtFuryUSCZ - I suspect this can also set the stage for an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) to destroy all (or alot of) the electronics and bring everyone and everything to it's knees - financially and otherwise.  Potentially (I am certainly not advocating an EMP or CME for any reason whatsoever or any societal chaos), the EMP or CME could be used to gain further controls (via Martial Law or otherwise) over the masses.  At that point, forget the Zombies, the roaming hoards of desperate people will bring the remaining (surviving) few to a level of stone age serfdom.  Hey, what better opportunity for the PTBs?


I think there are a lot of good people in Civil Servitude in the US and other nations that actively promote social stability to the extent possible and counter those who have destructive social motives.  Otherwise, past world events (even more recent ones) would have run the course and stone age serfdom would already be in place.


All told, I do not trust Uncle Scam or duh Gubmint to act in my or my fellow Countrymen's best interests.


Fortunately, I believe God hears our prayers as we pray for our leaders (I Timothy 2:1-6).


I would like to thank those currently in whatever branch of our US Military Service and our US Military Veterans for the jobs they have done extremely well and the freedoms I enjoy because of their service and sacrifice.  For those who served in Vietnam (and all the other theatres) I would like to say, "WELCOME BACK - WELCOME HOME!!!"

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