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The FBI raided a DeKalb County home and business Wednesday morning.

Our cameras were rolling at a currency exchange company on Buford Highway and a house on East Brookhaven Drive as agents removed boxes of evidence.

FBI agents, along with the Brookhaven Police Department, descended on the home before 7 a.m. and stayed through the day.

We first showed you the scene on Channel 2 Action News at Noon, and again on Channel 2 Action News at 5 p.m. as agents continued to go in and out of the home.

Agents were seen taking equipment in and removing plastic gloves when exiting the home.

All day neighbors were quiet, but curious. Some took pictures of what was happening at the corner house. Neighbors tell us businessman Ty Rhame lives in the home with his wife and young child.

Neighbors said Rhame is in the foreign currency business.

Rhame's business, Sterling Currency Group, was the location of the second raid involving Brookhaven police, the FBI and U.S. Marshals.

Channel 2’s Wendy Corona saw one marshal take a sledgehammer to Rhame's 4th floor unmarked office suite at the Druid Pointe Building.

When asked to elaborate on the details behind the search warrants and what officials were gathering in the raids, the FBI sent a statement saying they are "not in a position to discuss the details of those searches at this time."

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Just a few comments concerning this whole arena of dinar: 1.  What is the big deal when you buy a currency of ANY value for the face VALUE of the currency?  None!  The value of currencies do change o

That's okay! Bought most if not all my dinar from there. But the being the kind generous soul that I am I gifted them all away!

The ONLY scam part i have seen in this venture is the reserve system part of it.... something seems off about it but i did buy into early on with Ali at dinar trade and quickly found out its not worth

Or checking to see if their IQD is counterfeit?  Who knows?

Obama wants you dinar!!!!  Oh no!!  


Next thing they will do is monitor all the posts on DV, check the avatars, run a trial back and get out name and address, and . . . no.  They already have all that.  


Oops!  Black suits just pulled up in the drive!!  

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\Perhaps just a crazy thought...could they be trying to determine who all has Dinar in anticipation of tax avoidance strategy ....just saying /

That's okay!

Bought most if not all my dinar from there.

But the being the kind generous soul that I am :eyebrows: I gifted them all away!

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With His Largest Competitor In The Pokey - Stay Tuned For A Big Sale By Ali At Dinar Banker ! :o

:D:D:D This sterling currency group is

Lol - I Should've Said Ali At 'Dinar Trade' ! :o

Nice Catch SweetGirl ! ;)


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Tripp and others...I have a friend who has a friend........anyway, long story was told to me that it is a "Reserve related issue". Ordinarily, I'd not repeat that but it was told to me by someone who is seldom incorrect. It did not seem to be a 'currency issue'. 

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    • By genique05
      Hello Everyone!
      I received this email Friday May 8th, 2020.  How did they get my email and what is going on? Should I be worried?  I've never gotten an email like this before.  What in the world is going on and why are they asking for info on the dinar? Please help. tia
      We are writing to ask your assistance in our continued litigation with the Federal Government. Between 2004 and 2015, there were a number of banks throughout the United States that bought and sold Iraqi Dinar. If you have knowledge about banks (large, regional or community banks) that sold Iraqi Dinar to their customers please reply via email to and answer these questions:
      1. Were you aware of any banks that bought and sold Iraqi Dinar, if so, what bank(s)? a. If so, during what time period did the bank sell or purchase dinars? b. Do you recall approximately what the buy or sell price was? c. Can you please share any documents regarding the sale? 2. Did you ever purchase Iraqi Dinar from a bank, if so, what bank(s)? a. If so, do you remember the approximate price you paid for the Iraqi Dinar you purchased? b. Was there a reason that you later (or previously) purchased Iraqi Dinar from Sterling Currency? 3. Did you plan to exchange Iraqi Dinar at a bank if the revaluation had occurred?

      We would appreciate as much detail, receipts and documents as you are comfortable sharing. Thanks again for your continued support.

      Best Regards,   Ty Rhame  CEO, Sterling Currency Group   Frank Bell  COO, Sterling Currency Group   Sterling Currency Group
      3277 Roswell Rd NE #670, Atlanta, GA 30305
    • By huffy2005
      From Fox News:
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      Comey has become a world comic and somebody want to print new version comic cartoon books for sale - get Comey, Obama and Hilary as main characters. But the cartoons should be depicting not only comedy, funny tragicomedy with mass murders also involved with these three to give more sensationalism(though it is very true). When they say Russians hacked elections( it is a utter insult to American people intelligentsia and intelligence that hacking can divert their votes so simply and like brainless baboons), it is true and it should be investigated! Sound funny? It is not so funny as they think! If it is hacking is the main subject, why only Russia and Trump? It is of course, champion of hacking should be investigated very first and Obama the brute is his name. How many leaders of nations, peaceful nations regime change biz did by hacking world over by this champion of hacking? Lest start the story from the beginning and not from the end. Comey the joker or his comics cannot taken serious any more as you cannot fool the people all the time or sometime thinking everybody in this world is an idiot or moron. But they know one thing for sure - that's majority of the people are fools going after medieval middle eastern donkey rode desert nomadic tribal primitive god biz . It is funny, yes of course, one see these people taking a bible with all middle eastern stories and hanging a cross around their necks( Roman method of execution like present day electric chair and nobody is having that around their neck). Hence, it look like all are bloody fools and Obama the brute and Hilary the maniac is going on their biz by hook or crook toppling the people friendly president - Trump.
    • By Dinar4Dinner
      Interesting. . .  from the "Where are they now" files: 
    • By rulesforrebels
      I had a question. Before anyone tells me options are garbage and don't buy them believe me I've never been a fan of them, I personally would much rather hold physical currency, plus personally I doubt that many if any dealers actually have the physical Dinar to back options.
      That said I've recently heard some people saying that if the RV happens and they have an option tehy will be able to use their profits from the option/reserve to buy the DInar. For example if the Dinar comes out at 1:1 and they have 10 million on reserve. My thinking is you need to have the $15,000 or whatever it is to buy the Dinar you have on option. It seems some people say you can use your profits from the RV to pay that amount.
      Just curiuos from anyone who has used layaways if you know how that works. I have a coworker who seems to think he doesn't need a penny in his account he'll just use his profits to buy it. I told him I don't think thats how they work.
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