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Delta - Parliament Had A Meeting With The Leaders To Pass 20 Pending Laws !

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CNN. Broadcasting From Sofa King During Their Annual Blue Couch Sale - How Low Are These Prices?




5-26-2015  Intel Guru Frank26    IMF said you have to do 2 things – raise the rate and pass those border taxes. 

Guess what?  The CBI/GOI today ANNOUNCED they have 20 laws about to be released and it’s the tariff laws! 

All of this to get security.  Do you see that MasterCard wanted to come into Iraq...still needs an international rate but they still issued the cards to the retirees living outside of Iraq. Position and posturing.  Last year is the first time we didn’t see the GOI go on vacation in the summer. They are there working.  It is permissible to work during Ramadan – it’s just rare.



5-26-2015   Intel Guru Delta   It looks like the Parliament had a meeting with the leaders to pass 20 pending laws...they’re ready for voting.

They’re going to accomplish this in the next 3 days. 

One of the most important is the investment law... The revaluation is to increase the rate and this law will help Iraq do that

Everyone knows that the CBI is coming out with the 50 and 100 dinar...still confusion that it’s a 50,000 and 100,000 but it’s not…it’s just the value. Abadi said this is what we need because we need the money supply, easier to carry around and something they don’t have to use like US dollars.  

It looks like the rate will change before they introduce the lower denominations and 24 - 48 hours we should see the lower denominations along with the 20 laws to pass this week and the activation for the private sectors we’ve been waiting for...the new rate is one of the anchors for the private sector and economy.


5-26-2015   Intel Guru Delta   they’re ready to go, we’re very, very close and they have to keep moving...the banking system is ready and there’s a lot of pressure. 

The financial committee said JUST LIFT THE 000’S so you can move forward.  

I believe they’re waiting for the right timing.  ...if they do it during Ramadan it’s going to be confusion, but if they do it a couple of weeks before, they’ll use the dinar and not shock the market.  ...the longer they go without a RV, the longer it’ll be for the next window and they can’t do it until the mid-July or end of July...

Can they wait, yes, but the longer they wait, the more issues they’ll have.  the next window is from now to the first week in June...we know it’ll be 85-86 cents. 

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Guru Delta's article said it best.

It will be June or July at the earliest.

After the Bills are passed there are still the readings then on to Gazette.

The closest RV window could be as early as mid June.

Lets hope GOI gets it done without any more delays.

Go RV.

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Dinar Thug,

I have been in this investment for 5 years now and I have been on the edge of my seat at times and also drifting in the endless blue of the “maybe’s” at other times. Info is scare at the moment which may be a good sign, but you thug are still thugging away. You have made this ride funny and bearable, you have made me laugh on countless occasions, and you have been a consistent pulse in the Dinarworld heart beat. I believe for my own reasons that this investment will finally pay off but I just wanted to let you know that you are very much appreciated and I don’t know if I will ever meet you in this life, but I for one would like to shake your hand if I ever do. I don’t think we can really put a value on what you bring to the table with your jokes and information. You will go down in history as the thug of dinar wonderland where nightmares became again dreams with a few clever keystrokes.


Thanks Thug. 

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This is the best news we've had in minutes

Somebody Just Super Glued Frank To The Blue Couch - And Now They're Heading For Luigi's Keyboard !


Wow That Was A Seriously Wicked Cool Post ATHIM - CNN Approves This Message ! :partyhat:


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