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2 Million Bikers To D.C.

Riding with Texas bikers

Sunday June 7, 2015

At: Waco Texas

We want the whole country to join US


Texas bikers Know:

The 170 arrested at the Waco shooting were NOT engaged in “Organized Crime”, “Racketeering”, “Drug Dealing”, “Prostitution”, Human Trafficking”, “Motorcycle Stealing” or “Mexican Cartel Business” as the propaganda assault that law-enforcement and the mainstream media have waged.


Texas bikers Know:

The COCI Meeting scheduled May 17, 2015 was publicly advertised two months prior to the Waco Massacre.


Texas bikers Know:

The COCI meetings have been taking place monthly and bi-monthly for 16 years all over the state of Texas.


Texas bikers Know:

The people that were attending this meeting are some of the most patriotic politically active people in the state of Texas.


Texas bikers Know:

“Freedom, Liberty, and Justice For All” is under assault and a system that promotes, enacts, and condones actions like the one in Waco is the tip of an ice-burg that proves to be a much larger problem.

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Thanks Ricksterman.  You'll get more views if you post the text or an actual link.  :)



Texas Family and Friends:


We are saddened by the tragic event that took place at the recent Texas Confederation of Clubs & Independents meeting location in Waco, TX.

We as a community have worked very hard over the years to build a place of trust and collaboration no matter what you ride or whether you choose to wear a patch or are an independent in the our great State of Texas. We as a community hope the public will not judge all of us by the actions of those responsible for the senseless violence that unfolded in Waco.

We are steadfast as a community in representing Bikers in a positive fashion. We protect our rights and freedoms at the State Capitol, we promote safety and awareness on our area streets and highways, we embrace charitable work year round improving the quality of life for those from our community in need as well as for other organizations.

We are confident that the public who already knows us because we are men, women, fathers, mothers, grand-parents, sons and daughters, professionals and veterans all committed to being productive contributors to society.

We will not let this tragic event tarnish all the good Texas Bikers have done and will continue to do for the community and all of those riders who enjoy experiencing the open road on two wheels.


-Texas Confederation of Clubs and independents

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