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Questions for Adam's Update 5-20-2015


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Hi Adam.

During Ramadan, does the Iraqi parliament meet at all or is it in recess until the end of Ramadan? If it is in session can they pass any legislation on things like the HCL?. And is it legal for the Bank of Iraq to RV during Ramadan?

Parliamentary procedures always leave me in a fog.

Thanks buddy.


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Good morning Adam,

I have been at this for six years now following the flow of information week in and week out. I have no fault with you as you as educated as they come. However, as time forges on I keep hearing the same thing with a bit of a different spin. It has gone from the bankruptcy of Iraq, to the completion of budgets and the completion of the HCL. All were to happen bing, bang, boom, for the lack of a better term. Now we have ISIS playing its games through out Iraq and causing uncertainties.

What would your response be to those of us that are feeling uncertain about an RV ever happening. I think I will be six foot under before I see it happen.

Have a good day.

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Adam. Independence......."the CBI is independent..." "...the CBI set the rate..."

>>> IF <<< the cbi is soooooo "independent"

The "powers that be" that took the dinar from over $3 to -$2000 overnite....seems to me...THEY are who we're waiting to hear from.

Seems to me the CBI is jumping threw SOMEBODYS hoops.....whose!?!?!?!?! So I can just wait to hear from them n stop reading all the B S about the date n rate

Thanks again for all you do.

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Bless you Adam for putting yourself out there and doing what you do. Assuming the 50K and 100K bills are actually printed, I understand that purpose would be for internal banking transactions and not for public use, as well as reducing the total note count significantly. What's your take on this? I've been in this for over 10 years, and have learned over time, as you stated before, the details of this ride seem to trip up a lot of folks and we need to keep our eye on the big picture. Getting harder as time proceeds however, you are correct.

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Hi Adam,

I am so tired of reading articles that end in IMHO.  Abadi seemed to have a big push to get everything done within the last couple of months. Now so many new issues are surfacing.  "Someone" claimed to have contacts in Iraq and this person stated the news is blowing everything out of proportion regarding ISIS and everything is peachy in Iraq.  On CNN, and Hanity show this afternoon, it was stated how ISIS is staking claims in several key cities in Iraq.  In your circle of contacts, what is your opinion for this happening anytime soon?  I have  also read that Master Cards have been circulated for inside/outside Iraq and something should happen sometime between June and this Fall.

Another statement I read stated the rate has gone from 1166 to 1305---any truth to this ??  with the rate heading towards1300, isn't that going in the wrong direction to raise the rate?   Sorry for so many questions.................just tired of the never ending saga.

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