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CBI warns of annexation of the country to the list of countries with lax money laundering

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07-05-2015 02:00 PM



In a striking position of the scene Economic Iraqi, issued strict warnings of the consequences of the continuation of money laundering and smuggling operations abroad, the financial sector, most notably invite experts in this area to involve combat financial crime with the Commission that the Iraqi parliament decided to set up, in order to gain legal force to provide the perpetrators to justice. He cautioned financial expert Sadeq Mahmoud, in a statement, from the inclusion of Iraq on the list jaded countries with money laundering, saying that Iraq work instructions anti-money laundering system without a formal law regulating the work, would make him susceptible to put on the black list of countries that witness This organization processes of unchecked. He pointed out that the CBI works since 2004, the instructions of the fight against money laundering, but announce from time to time and again that in the process of organizing a special law and pushed him to the House of Representatives, but that did not happen. He spoke Mahmoud for the consequences, explaining that the consequent listing on the black list, is the inability of some companies from entering the implementation of investment projects, because their countries laws do not allow this, as well as doubts Monetary Fund and World Bank in Iraq could finance through loans, government and central bank and careful most of the time, from the presence of whitening organization and substantial funds operations in Iraq. The Iraqi Council of Representatives form a tripartite committee two months ago to discuss the fight against money laundering, and announced the collection of information and evidence many related to this subject, in addition to hard currency smuggling. She noted a member of the parliamentary finance committee pros Hamadoun, that a currency Iraqi recorded a decline against the dollar, which led to the formation of a committee to follow up the money laundering operations and the smuggling of hard currency. The central bank action also will follow up and the value of the money that will be sold, as well as government and private banks, which sells large amounts of dollar work. She stressed that the members of the Committee are determined to work very seriously to follow up on violations and corruption quotient as a result of money laundering and currency smuggling operations. She stressed that the cessation of currency manipulation will contribute in a noticeable form, the decline in the dollar rate against the dinar. and saw economist Ahmed Atwani, that money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency phenomena that emerged strongly after 2003 as a result of the emergence of mafias financial and economic due to the weakness of the rule of law, low regulatory agencies performance. He said that money laundering, international crime directly related to the activities of illegal sector works in secret, which is known as the economy of the shadow. He Atwani to the growth of this phenomenon to exploit the central bank action to provide cheap dollar through currency auction without strict control measures on import operations, creating a great opportunity for financial mafias to take out large amounts of dollar from Iraq. He held supervisory authorities responsible for the growing phenomena, and the development of fast processors to coincide with the Central Bank of Iraq procedures. On a related issue, the Iraqi Central warned banks and financial transfer, and brokerage firms from selling foreign currencies and buying, by including customs duty and income tax in its sales of dollars in non-related transactions import, which led to the lifting of the exchange rate on the citizens and buyers of dollars for non-commercial use, and therefore high price on all sales ». And it announced that it indicates the illegal exploitation. Central said in a warning, that the cash sales of the dollar earmarked for specific goals not the sale falls for the purposes of trade, import-covered remittances and credits. The central Iraqi new mechanism to control money laundering and sell the dollar against the import adopted, shall receive under which the tax in advance and the private customs goods imported per dollar sells for banks in order to import. He predicted that this mechanism contributes to the doubling of the financial resources of the state.


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go get the ones who already laundered the money and prosecute them! then you can avoid being labeled in such a manner then you can also receive the riches your country deserves

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Anytime you see the CBI allegedly dictating political opinion as if they were the GOI rest assured your listening to the NWO banking cabal trying to exert totalitarianism over Iraq. Their plan is to divide the country into 3 parts and use the Shiites to control the majority Sunnis who are strongly opposed to the CBI dictates of usury.


This is why Iraq is not really in the MSM the west NWO is committing genocide against the Sunnis like no other time using their mossad/cia aliance called ISIS to do the dirty deed. They want to suppress Iraq's oil and are diverting this oil today to Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan and in Turkey. 


Muslim Brotherhood was driven out of Egypt [7/2013] and are now parked in Jordan/Turkey/Iraq to continue the plans of the banking cabal by false flag chaos.


The Muslim Brotherhood are the political mercenaries who are disrupting the M.E. for the Banking Cabal in order to reign them into Keynesian economics aka; NWO for bilking. This was done to Argentina, Russia, China, U.S. etc etc ~ but the M.E. is much more opposed to fractional banking aka; usury. 


The GOI cannot be regulated by an Independent CBI who answers only to the banking cabal. Sadly the U.S. was side swiped with this scheme in 1913 when the Federal Reserve which is owned by International Bankers was put into motion.The poster boy for the Fed Reserve is  ~  you guessed it ~ Rothschild.


Well, in 2013 9,000 sunnis were decimated and in 2014 17,073 Sunnis were killed as well and the MSM tries to convince us that ISIS are Sunnis. Rothschild is using the Sharia Headcutters religion of Shiites to run the country -> Nouri Maliki and British trained Abadi. Abadi is now orchestrating the indebtedness of Iraq to Rothschild's IMF. The Sunnis are the mortal enemy of the Rothschild controlled CBI.


Remember Many Shiites agree with the Sunnis, but its the Sharia Law Loonies that you need to watch out for.


Obama has sent hellfire missiles to Maliki to help with the "ISIS" problem, but this was genocide by collateral damage of the Sunnis. The peshmergas of Kurdistan are the real heroes wiping out the West's ISIS.


Now Maliki will face justice but he's doing a Vincent Gigante [Mafia boss] Illness act to avoid prosecution. This was done by Jackson Jr., Hillarious Clinton, Harry Reid etc etc. They are all part of the NWO Mafia Cabal.


So we move on burying the dead Sunnis, get rid of a 50 IQD, talk about printing a 50K & 100K IQD ~ Send in Toyota Tundra riding ISIS mercenaries, divert oil to Jordan getting ready to topple King Abdullah after Obama sent him $1 Billion. They will topple Abdullah and the Brotherhood will reap that $1 Billion and the same with Turkey.


So what is positive with Iraq?


Is this all a scare tactic ploy to keep people from buying IQD and making a profit? No this is much much bigger. Most U.S. oil companies are out of Iraq with mostly the Chinese there now


Why did we go in there and topple Sunni Hussein? Was it really because of the yellow cake or was it because Hussein went to the Gold standard and bypassed the Kissinger Petrodollar to avoid Rothschild's skimming operations? It was the later same with Gaddafi of Libya.


Will Iraq ever RI like the U.N. stated? Or will Iraq stay where they are at the same level as South Korea's Won?


One thing is for certain [NOW] ~ the internet has many convoluted and diametrically opposed articles on the status of Iraq.


The CBI has still NOT removed the 50 Dinar from their web site ~ gee, maybe they just haven't got around to it ~ eh?


But they did spend between $1B and $1.5B / month in 2008 reducing the IQD off the streets. Maybe that is how we will remember Iraq before they entered this game of either media diversion or a real Ukrainian Coup on Iraqi soil. 


The Tree is known by its fruit.


The BRICS nations know!

Edited by Rasica
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