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Is is true Dinar Corp was paying $55 per (100) 50 notes?

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Curious if anyone can confirm this? A buddy of mine mentioned on DinarUpdates that DinarCorp was offering to buy 50 notes at $55 per bundle or stack or whatever you call a bank band of (100) notes. Is this true?


My buddy bought a few cheap bundles of them off ebay in hopes of selling them for a profit to Dinarcorp and was told they are retracting the promotion so now he's stuck with about $300 worth of 50 notes. I couldn't find anything on the site about this. Was curious if anyone else saw this ad or thread or was aware of it?

If so what does this mean? Is there something going on with the 50 ntoes we don't know about?

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rulesforrebels - I'll have to agree with Markinsa.   Someone maybe made a little money, but doesn't sound like it was your friend.


I had a few 50's and did research on how to get rid of them. I never saw anything about any dealer or site actually buying them.  Everything I saw was about "exchanging" them for larger bills. (which I gladly did just so I wouldn't be stuck with them)


Colorful toilet paper?    

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Rules, it sounds as though your friend is stuck with some expensive worthless 50 Dinar notes. No problem though, sometimes the gamble plays out an sometimes (in this case) it doesn't....we just move on

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    • By rulesforrebels
      Well looks like the Dinar 50 notes are now worthless. I think technically the date they become worthless is April 31, however I believe all the current 50 note trade programs out there being offered by dealers pretty much all had expiration dates of April 1, so if your still holding your 50 notes your now stuck with them unless you can flip them on ebay.
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