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Is there any truth in the info below and is there any such thing as a International and a contract rate?


Our understanding is that certain individuals have been invited into selected banks in the US and been able to exchange all their currencies that fall in the first basket. Now we have no personal proof that this has happened, only information from people whose intel we trust and which is supported on the Internet by other Gurus.

One thing that the genuine Gurus have been telling us over the years is the steps that are being taken by the PTB (Powers That Be - the controllers) who are managing this RI/RV/GCR to prevent investors ‘Double Dipping’. In this context Double Dipping describes exchanging some currency and using the funds generated, if possible, to purchase more currency to exchange at the banks. The penalties for this are very harsh, like all your funds being confiscated.

To stop the chance of anyone being tempted to Double Dip, we believe that the PTB are synchronising the release of all the other forms of funding, including the redemption finance in respect of the Historical Bonds (HBs.). Now the writer has a personal share in a HB that is currently in the process of having the funds released, consequently we believe that the RI/RV/GCR is imminent also.

It has been suggested by a couple of Gurus that the window of release of the RI/RV/GCR is between now and the 15th April which looks about right for the funding of the redemption of the HBs.

Currency Corner (CC) Currency Investments

We don’t have the latest rates but we understand that some of the first basket have increased a little. Wouldn’t that be good?

Iraqi Dinar (IQN use this when EXCHANGING) - $3.91 - $4.10 International/Market/Street rate.

Vietnamese Dong (VNN use this when EXCHANGING) - $1.57- $1.77 ditto could even reach $2.22 ditto.

Zimbabwe Dollar, when EXCHANGING use the full name, there are a number of classifications so just keep it simple. After removing the 6 zeros $0.15 - $0.18 ditto

Indonesian Rupiah remains as previously stated.

Whether or not the caps/limits are the same, we do not know, but in the absence of any information to the contrary we will leave them in this News update.

The caps/limits were outlined only in general terms to introduce the concept and stimulate each currency holder to review their options. This subject is still being discussed by the Controllers and therefore not finalized, but it is suggested that it will apply globally.

We will go into more detail once the RI/RV has taken place and directives are issued by the Controllers, but in the meantime, we can tell you that any excess will be held in the banks, to the owner’s account and released in instalments over potentially, a 20/50/100 year period. The excess will be assignable, we understand, and one can always sell a future income stream as one can do with insurance policies. There will be options on how you can benefit and Trusts and Foundations could be useful third party vehicles.

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Thanks wizard1....Maybe ya ought to get a link for this an put it up for AM's Wednesday's Question....




..........jonjon....could ya elaborated for us uneducated members...WTF's a ''civil asset forfeiture'' ..... :shrug:   :bump:    :peace:

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There are no special group rates or exchanges. When it RVs it will be global for everyone at the same time. Everyone will get the same official exchange rate. The banks spread or exchange fee can be negociated. Thats all you will get. Period.

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