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Maliki: the popular crowd and the Islamic militant factions have become a new force invincible


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Maliki: the popular crowd and the Islamic militant factions have become a new force invincible
Editor Haidar Majid - Tuesday 17 March 2015 14:23
Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
confirmed Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, on Tuesday, that the popular crowd and factions of the Islamic Resistance has become a "new invincible power" after victories in Diyala , Salahuddin and other cities of the country, noting that the crowd foiled conspirators on plans for Iraq . Maliki said in a his speech by honoring the martyrs of the Islamic militant popular crowd ceremony and received Alsumaria News , a copy of which, "we meet today the blessing of the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of the Mujahideen, who proved that what we are facing in this current phase of the crisis need to sacrifice to overcome them."
Maliki said that "we are living a new phase of victories, a stage victory on the self-esteem and motivation and owning driven a first step towards a true victory over the forces of oppression and terror," noting that "the popular crowd made ​​real achievements expressed religious and legitimate commitment to at least the national and moral obligation." . He pointed out that "the plot suffered by Iraq did not fall and fail only through the sacrifices made ​​by the armed forces and of the popular crowd sons who fought valiantly for terrorist organizations and were able to uncover the conspiracy and conspirators," pointing out that "the popular crowd dropped this conspiratorial project dangerous and exposed the intentions of those who were seeking to destroy Iraq. " It is said that many of the popular crowd factions fighting alongside the army and police forces in the province of Diyala, Salahuddin, which was edited all areas of the organization, "Daash" except Qadisiyah neighborhood in the city of Tikrit and spend SHIRQAT.

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Shut yer damned pie-hole evil maliki !


Quit tryin' to re-ingratiate yerself to The People.


Remember how you  robbed them blind..?  

Hampered their success so they would be vulnerable when daash came a knockin',

murdered, lied, stole...?



Go the hell back to Iran where you belong !  <_<


But 1st, give Iraq back everything you stole !

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