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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Criminal Charges Filed Against Defendant: Nouri Kamel Al Maliki Former Prime Minister !

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 Thanks Thug!!!


Wish I had a Dinar for everytime they have said Maliki will be prosecuted, or arrested, or had his hands slapped!!!  I wouldn't need the RV!! :lol:


Hope this is the one, to hang their hat on!!


Go RV or RI Soon!!


Or HANG ... uh ... some other noun ... on ... er ... with  :confused2: 

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Dawa Party is preparing to keep Nuri al-Maliki of honesty

On Thursday, January 15th, 2015 under Highlite , News (423 Views)

Iraq's new Center for Media Studies - January 16, 2015: In a move to redress the severe collapse of the Dawa party in the Iraqi popular circles after the great failure of the government of Mr. Nouri al-Maliki in the management of the country and the results disastrous caused during the eight years that al-Maliki chaired by the prime minister, a group of members succeeded Politburo to convince the leaders of the advocacy of the importance of accelerating the take quick step Ba dimensions Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of the party and force him to retire from politics, as a step to the restoration of the big party rifts and address the deterioration of the party that led the country to the many crises the reputation of Iraq is still suffering from after the inauguration of Dr. Haider Abadi, head of government.

The source of the Center for Iraq New Media Studies that step, which will be presented by the party is the choice can not be indispensable for the return of the Iraqi people's trust in the Dawa party, especially a lot of call for allies began distancing themselves from him after the deterioration of the People's Party's reputation, and the State of Law coalition Maliki sought to set up to support it to get a third term began in the disintegration and decay and will announce its dissolution in the next few months, and the move away MP Hanan al and established to collect fired it (will) was one of the signs of weakness Aútlaq state law and the proximity to the end, has already Resolution MP Hanan al Badr away, headed by Mr. Hadi al-Amiri, independents, headed by Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani.

Some sources report to a desire of the Political Bureau of the party to take over Dr. Haider Abadi Secretariat of the Dawa Party, succeeding to the owners, and that seems to be reluctant to accept this offer and especially to Dr. Abadi did not want to repeat Maliki experience who found himself a reality under party pressure, and that was the pressure of reasons that prompted al-Maliki for failing to state management, and involvement work great corruption and theft of public money paid by influential members of the Dawa Party, as there is a clear direction of Dr. Abadi, to deal in the political and operational performance as prime minister of the General of the Iraqi people, and that his Dawa party secretariat will greatly affect the implementation of this desire, so the indicators moving towards Mr. Ali al-Adeeb, former Minister of Higher Education Secretariat of the party in the case of al-Abadi refused the request of the Political Bureau to take the party secretariat.

Retire Maliki or get thrown into the pit of pigs

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Thanks Thug...


I would love for them to do something anything to show the people they're trying to do the right thing.  BUT Nuri al-Maliki didn't do it by his onesies, and he knows they found saddam hussein in his spider hole with nothing. With the kind of money he's taken I bet he's got an escape plan or 3 and a place to land in...    :(



1)  A measurement of time. Just short of an Eon !!
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Source: Chairman of the Integrity Commission submit a request to the Prime Minister for his removal from office

10421252_418627708302412_53721760336179410/03/2015 01:24

Direction Press / Private

An informed source said on Tuesday that the head of the Integrity Commission Judge Alaa al-Saadi made a formal request to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for his removal from office.

The source said that al-Saadi said that the work of devotional Integrity Commission requires the joint efforts of everyone in order to follow up the files of corruption.

It is noteworthy that former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was commissioned in September 25, 2011 Judge Alaa Jawad Hamid Saadi chairmanship of the Commission until further notice, the successor to the judge Rahim Ugaili. sa

Don't just remove him, arrest him before he runs.   Justice, judgement is bliss.  RIght now all I can think of is all those reporters and sunni protesters that are no longer around to see justice served.  

Got to give the new Iraq a heads up for this and bless those men who stood diligent in righting the wrongs.   Mr Allawi was persecuted by so many for speaking up and all he wanted to do was open their eyes.  Then once Al Sadr got involved it just went viral and maliki began feeling the heat.  So hats of to Allawi and Sadr.   

I just hope this wakes up the State Law, if not no worries they are about to embark on new beginnings anyhow. 

Thanks Thugster I think I'll hold off on getting excited until I know the Teflon has worn off his evil little body and the charges will stick !!!

But I do love reading it can actually happen this time .

Yeah I am skeptical when it comes to this guy too.  I would give Thug 10 plus's if I could.   I am glad for the families who lost loved ones to this tyrant.   Seasons change and now it's about to finally change for him.  wooo hooo

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... hummus gas is flammable...?  :shrug:  We've never heard a camel fart ! :confused2:

.......... :bananacamel:


Not Flammable - Toxic ! :o


 :D     :D    :D




Speaking Of Camel Farts Here's The Latest Backfire By Maliki ...





(by walkingstick)

"Iraqi mother." Expel al-Maliki and protect him from the hospital after an altercation between them

11-03-2015 12:03 PM


Iraqi woman accused of Karbala called "honest or" Vice President Nuri al-Maliki current offense Base Speicher.

A source said: "The mother honest" was lying with her son wounded in the Kadhimiya hospital in Baghdad, al-Maliki, and when he came to visit the wounded "or honest" to indict him and that he primarily responsible for what happened in the massacre of Spyker.

The source added, "The honest or" rejected Maliki's visit to her son wounded and carried to expel him from the hospital because she told him, "How come to visit me and you are the primary cause of the death of my brother and my cousin in the massacre of Spyker."

He said that after the eviction process got altercation between Maliki and family protection "or honest," and then I was forced to leave the hospital.

The Spyker massacre claimed the lives of more than 1700 volunteers on hand to organize "Daash" terrorist.

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