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Report: Al-Maliki's richest Iraqis after looting $ 50 billion in 8 years


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A report by the newspaper "the new Arab", which is published in London, that the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has become yet ruled Iraq for eight years, the richest person in the country after he was able to grab the $ 50 billion is the wealth collected in the years of his rule, but left the sentence After destroying Iraq.


The report stated:


On the fourth day of the fall of Baghdad and the fire that the Iraqi capital devour another ornamental features of the short-Rehab and prostrating near the Tigris River damage, was then a small car to sneak in the rough into the presidential region that later became known as the "Green Zone", and less opposition figures of Saddam Hussein coming from Iran, Syria and Europe.


But the man who won them the great lion of soreness Baghdad, Saddam was not among them, as the poverty condition made ​​him take a taxi to leave him away from the palaces area, is forced to walk on foot up to the American soldiers who brought him after he frisked him to the palace Presidential only place that was not bombed in the 2003 invasion of Iraq war. 
says interpreter worked with US forces in Iraq between 2003 and 2007, Nadir Hussain and named, for "new Arab", "the image of the former Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, who went to the Americans, very different from the image of the day that are cleanly notable for his clothes, has changed the status of the vendor swam and ***** (rings) to the richest man in Iraq. " 
He adds Translator "for a long time was not on that tattered case the days of Saddam, and that has changed in the blink of an eye, as it dominated Maliki on the reins of power in Iraq, to build the glory of the people's money and power, and controls the wealth of the rich country that is suffering its people out of poverty and unemployment crises living. " 
He continued Hussein said, "Maliki could recruit dozens of thieves of public money and involve them in all state departments, civil and military institutions for a firm grip on the country's resources and wealth, "noting that" the deployment of positions on his men. Some of them became minister, and some of them became director-general and other positions of the Iraqi cake that began Bnhishha from each side is insensitive to the consequences. "


The United States was not oblivious to it, but they wanted a bunch of the country's new rulers to indulge in theft to the fullest extent, to hold them big corrupted files later became the pressure on them papers, to pass the US agenda in Iraq, however you like. 
He continues Hussein "provided Maliki necessary protection for his men. Some of them revealed his papers as a minister, former trade Abdul Falah al-Sudani and Maliki could provide full protection to him, despite accusations of corruption dogged about adventurous lives of the Iraqi people through the manipulation of the vocabulary of the ration card and replace materials like oil, sugar materials corrupt is not suitable for human consumption. " 
He pointed out that "this deal and other transactions passed off peacefully and complete protection by al-Maliki, has reaped through which billions of dollars.


There are no specific official statistics on Maliki's wealth, but that, according to Forbes magazine American concerned with the affairs of celebrities, the fortune is estimated at $ 50 billion in cash, in addition to other assets and property of the estimated half a billion dollars. 
For his part, Deputy for the Parliamentary Integrity Committee stressed that " There Iraqi political figures have the money more than they came in the American Journal report, has got those funds through abuse of office facilities of al-Maliki. " 
said MP, who declined to be named, for "new Arab", that "his committee and the Integrity Commission requests of all politicians, including al-Maliki, to provide detection freelancers but they do not reveal their real money and their assets outside of Iraq and body finding it difficult to make sure the sources of their money abroad, the fact that a lot of them call their money and their property by other names. " 
The MP pointed out that "al-Maliki has squandered the 2014 budget, which disbursed by the predecessor did not recognize in the parliament, but it has not held accountable did not open any competent authority to investigate the matter under the complete absence of regulatory agencies and state institutions entrusted with the protection of the people's money.


And widened corruption circle that mauled body of Iraq during the reign of al-Maliki, a period which extended to eight years, until the issue of corruption came out about the possibility of control, not the state to recover any amounts from the accused persons. 
In this context, says economic expert, Majid picture, for "new Arab "It is. not for rampant corruption in the country to enable the organization of the Islamic State" Daash "from entering Iraq," 
added the picture, that "since 2003 and until October of this year, Iraq entered the $ 640 billion of oil money only," adding that "there are other revenue entered Iraq through the rest of the oil-for-food, and what was obtained from the frozen funds and others. " 
He explained that the picture of "all those numbers become a whole within the limits of $ 750 billion, enough to develop a four-Iraq-sized countries, and make it in the ranks of most states advanced in the world. " 
He stressed the economic expert that "money does not result in investments in the country, and there are no statistics for disbursement," noting that "corruption is a trillion Iraqi dinars, distributed in the form of advances to the departments and administrative formations different in the government has not been resolved," stressing that "there are amazing numbers with regard to the escape and money laundering, some up to $ 138 billion fled from Iraq to neighboring countries during the last ten years, and formed committees to follow, but without results." 
says a member of the Iraqi Bar Association, Salam Gomaa, for "new Arab" , The man steeped in corruption and money Fbzkh expose him his wife and daughters and his son Pat is a clear and unjustified. I have eight years later came the richest man in Iraq, and there are a lawsuit filed against him on charges of corruption, but the disaster that his position is a protection for him, and we are confident that he will enter the prison even after a while Fbton the poor have a prayer broad and answered. " 
The recent Transparency International report, which was released in December / December 2014, stressed that Iraq is among the four most corrupt countries in 2014. 
After 2003, has become a phenomenon of corruption in Iraq, one of the biggest challenges, which ran rampant in the civil and military institutions of all, according to officials and economic analysts.


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I hear ya

That list said it all

All those multi billionares In iraq from all regions

How could they make billions in a country while the whole country is poor and people thru out the country are barely getting by but these polititions all made billions of dollars

If they were so busy fulfilling their duties in govt , how can they find time to be doing anything else especially managing something that's making you billions of dollars

One would think they would need to be working long hours 7 days a week to run something big enough to bring in billions

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