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Are you still a RV believer?


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Recently dinar "experts" have been discussing what will attract investors to Iraq. Why invest when you can just buy a couple grand worth of dinar at 1,000% RV return? I'm still wondering where all of the $$ will come from to pay all of us? Right now, Adam's preldicted .10 would be amazing! Why would the world's elite allow a million or so average joes to become instant millionaires? The only thing that keeps my hopes up that something good will happen for us is the fact that none of the major news outlets have come out with a "millions of Americans involved in Iraqi Dinar scam" report. Wouldn't 60 Minutes just love to do a story on millions of Americans getting ripped off? My faith has been waning over the last few years but something good must be coming our way if the media continues to avoid reporting this.

A good summation.. I used to be a strong supporter of the Dinar RV but I know that the only people that are going to make money out of all this are people who run the sites that we all watch and read and keep our heads full of hype..There are many pundits and newspaper articles that look at both sides of the Dinar investment and say the positives and the negatives and help us to form an opinion but for me personally I know feel that I have been on a roller coaster ride to nowhere and been totally ripped off.. I personally cannot see it happening for a long time to come if at all.. To be honest I'm tired of waiting for the Monday or the Thursday or an "imminent announcement" or any other such "bulls***" that is being fed to us minions .. Edited by NoviceInvestor
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Yeah I been in this thing now over 7 plus years. My faith in this Dinar is starting to waiver now. Ever year same old stuff and articles that no one really understand. I'm starting to think if we be had. If so is been fun while it lasted. I am just tired and very frustrated right now.

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It's normal that after a few years one has invested / bought into Dinars  with no results so far RV-wise, one may have ( big/medium/little) doubts & uncertainties about it. I'd be surprised of the contrary.... It's only human...


I've been in it for almost 11 years and I'd  have considered  more than once selling a big part ( not all) of my Dinar holdings  shouldn't it be  so complicated and difficult from where I'm located ( Italy)...I can understand the frustration of many after all this time..Let's face it.. Might be this year or the next or  in 5 or 10 years or longer...Nobody knows.... It's a big bet.


We'll see.....

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