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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Parliamentary Finance: the next few hours will witness the presidential endorsement of the budget


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I sure hope this thing RVs at 1:1 before it drops down to the .10 cent range. There are serious security issues in Iraq. The day before the curfew was lifted, just this last weekend more than 30 people we killed in 3 seperate car bombs. In January of 2015 the month more than 1,300 peoe were killed in Iraq. As much as I wish it was not Iraq is in a state of war. The grim reality of this situation. Things are getting better.

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Dontlop I was woundering the same thing! Also I was woundering if they will ever let us see the whole budget in the gazette for he explanation of the $5billion=440million he mentioned in Germany?

Ya I see that needs clarified

My opinion is it was a typo in the TelePrompter that the translators screwed up and no one caught

It would be more inline with 500 billion dinar not 5 billion dinar

I don't think it was the other way 5 billion dinar and 4.4 million dollars , that to me woukdnt be mentionable in a speech like that, no one would care about such a small investment like 4 million dollars so not worthy of the speech

If ya read this article from jan 23 2015 you can read in the text it says 500 billion dollars set aside not 5 billion

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Lets see....passed on January 29th, but the prez approves it on February 9th....maybe. For a country in dire needs, battling ISIS, nobody getting paid, midst of winter and needing an influx of investments and cash flow. Where's the urgency??? I could have run backwards from Baghdad to Kurdistan through land mines with my pants on fire and got the budget there much sooner. Come on Iraq, take care of your citizens and kick this thing into gear. Walk the walk, less squawk squawk squawk.

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Shelley...I asked the same question a few weeks ago. I was told there is only one "budget" yet called a couple of different things.

Thanks Debt, I thought I revered being told some years ago that the StAte. Budget and Federal budgets were different ... Oh well I can live with it all being one !!!

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Baghdad ( The Iraqi Parliament confirmed on Monday that “The Iraqi President Fuad Masoum will ratify the 2015 budget law draft during the next few hours.”

Statement by the Parliament received by cited “The Secretary General of the Parliament Ayad Namiq delivered the 2015 federal budget law draft to the Iraqi President on Monday.”

The statement added “The President is expected to ratify the budget law draft within the next few hours.” /End/



At the time of this post it was 0714hrs Iraq time.

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