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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

CBI instructs banks to be prepared?


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Even I agree with you Markinsa.  Reinman, why don't you ask a question sometime instead of telling everyone you know everything?  That might be a nice change.  And that suggestion is coming from someone who could drown your negativity in sorrow.



At least I'm not alone in thinking about him.

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They're few and far between, I HAVE posted news before.


The fact is, there is no news that directly points to an RV, only a LOP.

Everyone is trying to spin news toward an RV in the next few days, and that simply won't happen.

You've seen it from the hype last week with ZERO results this week.


The fact remains that Iraq simply is NOT READY for monetary reform yet, and the budget is NOT LINKED to an RV -- we've seen that before.



So therefore, anything said in regard to an RV within the next 72 hours after Gazette publishing the budget, etc. I WILL SHOOT DOWN.



2-6-2015   Intel Guru Bluwolf  [/size] Waiting for Gazette news, rv follows up to 72 hours after the fact, no veto shall be issued period. [/size]

No delays whatsoever...that is where we stand, fine and simple...[/size]


So let's watch THIS ONE and you'll see what I mean.








I forgot we don't do that anymore :)


Throw him in the TANK!

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I looked up the definition of a skeptic:  Coming from the Greek word skeptikos, which means "thoughtful or inquiring,". It's also defined as someone using critical thinking skills.

I also looked up the definition of Defeatist or Negativist:  A defeatist is the opposite of an optimist. A defeatist is convinced that he's going to fail, and he isn't surprised when he does fail. 

It appears, from my cursory look at Walter's posts that he is more of a defeatist. He reminds me of the "Dementors" of the Harry Potter movies, the demons that suck the happiness out of a person. JMHO.

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Man,Ya'll gangbanged poor ReinMan. I know that everybody here is an expert on the dinar and when it will RV.NOT.everybody here states their opinions,no need to smoke somebody like that.

If you were constantly posting negativity you would get gamgbanged also. Now give Reinman a kiss and continue watching him get gamgbanged as long as he is posting negativity.

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These are the :rulez: if you cannot abide by them, we'll give you help by removing your posting privileges.  Let's get back on topic. :twothumbs:


Overall Community Attitude

  • Keep in mind that DinarVets is a family, and a community.
  • Our purpose is to share, help and support others.
  • Always display a positive, friendly attitude.
  • Be respectful of others' opinions.
  • Allow your fellow members to voice their opinions.
  • DO NOT deliberately start arguments. Debates are great, as long as they remain respectful!
  • Always try to "give" back to our community. For each time you find help or answers here at DinarVets, try to help someone else out in return. You may find that what goes around comes around...
  • Give people a little time to respond to your requests. There's a lot going on in these forums and it may take a little time for people to notice and respond to your request. Please be patient.
  • DO NOT just make a negative statement and leave the person hanging out to dry. Although you may consider yourself to be an "expert" now, try to remember that we were all new and learning once upon a time. Take it easy on your fellow members!
  • Do NOT make threats or implied threats towards other members -- even if you think it's fun.

Read more:

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