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Parliamentary Energy Council of Ministers has yet to agree on oil and gas law and will be discussed after the National Guard

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Attorney Zaher al-Abadi



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03/02/2015 13:37


Tomorrow Press / BAGHDAD: A member of the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives Zaher al-Abadi, on Tuesday, the Cabinet has not yet been agreed on after the oil and gas law, because there are some differences on some points of law, noting that the Council of Ministers will discuss it after the completion of the National Guard Law .

Ebadi said for "tomorrow Press", "The two versions of the law of oil and gas, the 2007 version and 2011 modified but the two versions of the government now, and we look to send from the government for approval," noting that "there is a preliminary agreement between the members of the committee and the seriousness of the law was passed."

"The oil and gas law will replace all the oil shenanigans between the center and the region and between the producing provinces, so it has to be passed," explaining that "even if it met the law objection by some blocks Kalthalv Kurdistan Vmardth will be weak compared to the National Alliance and the rest of the national forces will not affect approval or hindered. "

Abadi said that "the government is serious about sending it to Parliament to take the way to the legislation," pointing out that "some of the points of law need for agreement within the Council of Ministers, because they did not agree upon."

He said a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Oil "After the cabinet today ends of the National Guard Law will discuss the oil law to send it to us."

It is noteworthy that the passage of oil and gas law will solve a lot of outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil.


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All around positive piece.  Some fine-tuning to make sure it will stand up if challenged in court sounds like a good idea to me.  You know some yahoo group is going to challenge it, because that's what they do.


I've reached a place where waiting for the RV is no longer driving me crazy, and so far I am succeeding at not getting excited by all the great progress lately, just happy things are finally moving in the right direction.


What I really want to see is Maliki broke and in jail (or buried).  The huge amount of funds he stole and received as kickbacks makes him a very dangerous man.  He needs to be ruined and his influence ended.


Peace and Prosperity

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So, tomorrow might be the day they discuss the HCL? Let's get it done!

This is true, saradise, but there talking about a council. Parliament is out until the

tenth I believe.

Nevertheless, this is a very good sign of things to come.

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