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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam's Drive by chat 1/30/15 AM


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Adam Montana Morning everyone!  I just posted this comment in the VIP section, but figured I'd share it here as well.

• Jetman do you have any new news for us today

Adam Montana  We HAVE A BUDGET. It's 100% official!

• Marcy  AAWESOME,,,,

Adam Montana This is absolutely outstanding, especially considering Maliki couldn't get a budget done in the entire YEAR of 2014

Adam Montana And Abadi gets it done before the end of January!

• Marcy  AWESOME!!!!!!!

Adam Montana Not only that, but there's an oil agreement in the Budget so the next thing to do is bring the HCL to the table, vote on it, and then publish it

• Jetman  will they use the Brent oil price

Adam Montana This is such an exciting time... it's hard to contain myself!



the Brent price?

• Adam Montana oh, crude


• Jetman  yes

• Adam Montana well, the budget is set at $56 which is much more realistic than $70  but if Oil goes back to $60 by the end of the year, then $56 is just fine

• dolphin1 Hi Adam, I am thinking we would not see a new rate at least until they open on Sunday, right?

Morning Saint!

• Cousineddy  ADAM...serious economics question...Do you think we will be waiting for crude to rise again for an RV since it is Iraq's collateral for backing their currency?

• Adam Montana  Anyway, I'm glad to see that Abadi just moved past the 2014 budget - that was the right thing to do. No sense in wasting time on the past, we're moving forward

• Adam Montana  it was stated that the HCL would be finalized in early February... you know, for once in this investment I'm starting to feel better about the dates they give!


• Adam Montana  cousineddy, no - they don't need to.

• Adam Montana I wouldn't imagine crude will go too much lower, and it will go back up

• Adam Montana  that's all I have for now... just really excited to see some solid news and some great progress by the new Iraq

• Adam Montana  I'll be watching, but at this point I think we can take a couple days to prepare, breathe deep, and watch some fireworks hopefully early next week!

• Skrappyone the Saudi prince stated we will never see 100 again

• Adam Montana  skrappy I'd agree with that assessment.

• Adam Montana welcome   

I'll pop back in later!

• Adam Montana have a great day everyone!


Thanks Adam. Looking good!

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Believe me when I say I understand how many of you feel when you say it's hard to believe anymore! Now I don't want to get all sappy on y'all but try this...go outside tonight and look up at the stars...I'm being the whole universe flows in an order that is astounding! Now breath deep and say to yourself..."if those stars can be placed in perfect order then there is a chance this might just happen yet!!!" Hang in there y'all...we are in new territory we have never been before with the Dinar...and even though I too have gotten discouraged I still believe this baby's gonna pop! Someday we will look back at this long wait and laugh...and again...I know like many of you do what it's like to be tested in a firey trial...this is nothing like that! Looking forward to celebrating with y'all...seriously!!! :)

Sandfly Adam and all you great Mods for putting up with us!!! ;o)

Great post Rod +1 Thanks.

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