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Parliamentary Financial Committee asks for one more week to finalize Budget Law draft

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Y'all are right ! It's done. HCL is probably done. A couple of more investment laws and the tidal wave is going to hit ! I just wish that I was not so numb, I've had to do that to myself and I'm never going to get on any rollercoaster again.....ever.

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I believe the budget is done, the just waiting for other laws to get done.!

Is all about timing.!!!

Go Iraq

Go Budget


Go dinar

Go strong $1.13:1

BIG changes on January 2015 ;)


So budget it done. Glaringly obvious so what is it then? They must be waiting on some other key thing to RV and then release the budget. HCL going official? Maliki getting officially charged with crimes against humanity, embezzling, etc.? Or waiting for clear weather for Okie et al to land their ships so they don't inadvertently cause them to crash and die (what a shame that'd be eh?).

I think you guys may have it correct...

seize/charge Maliki, seize his assets to return to the pot what belongs to Iraq, then pass the budget and RV with him out of commission and broke

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