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Parliamentary Economy: Commission to reduce government expenditures will increase revenue


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Parliamentary Economy: Commission to reduce government expenditures will increase revenue
Thursday, 22 January 2 / January 2015 12:09




Confirmed member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib, the committee set up by the Council of Ministers to reduce expenses, will increase revenue by ministries.

She said Najib told all of Iraq [where], "We agree with the government in the formation of a committee to reduce expenditures in the budget, and this Committee stems from the government's need to rationalize and austerity in expenditure."

I added that "the past years was disbursements and expenditures are below the face of the necessity and need, but the exchange's decision will now stems from the need to require spending."

She said Najib "as that of the Commission's work to increase revenue, since the Ministry of what, for example, has revenue from fees or collector, the emphasis on those fees where the negligence and carelessness in increased revenue for any organization will affect state revenues."

She said, "increase revenue and expenditure pressure will lead to overcome this stage."

The Council of Ministers, the form in its last Tuesday, a committee headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the membership of the financial, oil and planning ministers, in addition to the Governor of the Central Bank Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, the Odua the priorities of the government and the doors of the exchange, in addition to the formation of a crisis cell in every ministry of the country's ministries shall reduce the costs and increase the financial resources to the public treasury.

It is said that Iraq is facing financial hardship and a lack of liquidity with a large fiscal deficit is estimated at 60 trillion dinars due to lower global oil prices to below $ 50 per barrel, especially since the Iraq depends on oil rents by up to 85%, prompting the adoption of a policy austerity and Aledjar.anthy 2

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Why can't we get a bi-partisan committee like that going for our U.S. Government? This is a good example of something another country is doing that we should be doing, and not Mr Obamas implementing disproven socialist policies that have failed in every single European country they were taken from.

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