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Conflicting views between the parliamentary committees on budget

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Conflicting views between the parliamentary committees on budget




1/15/2015 0:00 

Legal see {invalid} and financial {do not want to return} 
 BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid 
different views of the committees of financial and legal Parliament on the draft budget for 2015 Act, while the parliamentary Finance insists on completing its report on the budget and make cuts it for approval in the House of Representatives without bring it back to the government, see legal parliament that the current year's budget «invalid» and must be returned to the government to increase the proportion of the deficit due to lower prices Alinvt.orteur Finance Committee Alhaji Ahmed Rashid, confirmed the existence of consensus among the political blocs on approving the budget, expressing his refusal to bring it back to Rashid's Aovernmh.oukal «morning»: it can not be re-balancing of the government as the majority of the political blocs agreed to pass, noting that the Finance Committee will work to reduce the budget through transport in some sections, indicating that the reduction will be on the operating and investment budget together without affecting the person's income, anticipated The Finance Committee shall submit its final report to parliament on Tuesday Almqubl.oaad committee member Masood Haider, former statement, expected to be the first half of this year difficult for all Alaracaan.oukal Haider «morning»: The reduction will be around 10 trillion dinars to reduce the existing deficit which is increasing due to lower oil prices, pointing out that the cuts will be on the operating budget and some capital expenditures without compromising staff salaries, social welfare and health services and essential services provided by the state to the citizen. The MP said all observations of Representatives will be discussed within the Commission and are taken into account, including a coalition of state law claims, pointing out that everything that includes Iraq, will include the Kurdistan region because it is part of the Iraqi state, including savings mandatory, noting that the province understands the difficult financial situation of the Blad.obin MP The Finance Committee needs time in order to finish the preparation of its final report on the budget, adding, «but in all cases, will be approving the budget before the end of this month». 
On the other hand, the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives considers that the current year's budget «invalid» for display and voted on in Parliament, stressing the need to bring it back to the Council of Ministers. 
He Legal Committee member Hassan al-Shammari, during his speech «morning» to the possibility that the current government is working like its predecessor, according to the 1/12 mechanism while preparing the draft sober budget law, saying that it is unreasonable building budget on the price of a barrel to $ 60 at a time that the price reached $ 42 and Iraqi oil is sold at a lower price »He pointed MP that the budget has been built based on the basis of speculative inaccurate nor realistic represented calculates a barrel of oil at $ 60, and to keep this price increases the deficit in light of lower oil prices, as well as that the budget did not adopt the parity between the provinces and the provincial component is not in the order of the financial obligations and in distribution expenses as it commits the provinces to deliver full their products from crude oil, while delivering the region only 250 000 barrels. 
He said reduction made ​​in the budget expenses, salaries and taxation was not under a clear standard, as well as a cast much of the burden on the citizen, in addition to other things.

add this from the earlier this month.....                                                                                                                                                                           Parliamentary Economy: The government 1/12 exchange of middle of the month budget


04/01/2015 13:18:00

       MP Najiba Najib


The Deputy of the Committee on the economy and investment representative, said the approval of the budget of the federal government Leger exchange all customizations to government departments, noting that in the absence of ratification, the government exchange 1/12 proportion of the budget.

The MP Najiba Najib in an interview for PUKmedia , today Sunday, 01/04/2015, that the probe of Representatives ended the first reading of the draft budget law, and in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure of the Council, there will be a second reading after the relevant committees submit their reports to the Council, noting that it was assigned to the Finance Committee, the Committee on Economy and Investment, Legal Committee, to submit detailed reports on the budget bill, to enable the Board to speed up the ratification.

She MP Najib, if the reports ready before the date of the next hearing in 01/07/2015, the budget will display on the agenda of the meeting to read the second reading during the meeting, and will work to put the finishing touches to pass the bill.

In response to a question in the absence of readiness reports or delayed approving the budget, said Rep. Najiba Najib, he 

In the event of failure to approve the budget before the end of the month, then in accordance with the provisions of the law of financial management, the government have to pay 1/12 of the budget until the ratification, because the approval of the budget authorizes the government and Ministry of Finance exchange all customizations to government departments, and in the absence of ratification Baali government exchange representing 1/12 of the budget.

She drew MP Najib to that by the middle of this month on the state to start regardless of salaries and compensation of employees, and in accordance with the provisions of the law of financial management is obliged then regardless representing 1/12, noting that the government has not yet taken a formal decision regardless ratio after 1/12.

This is due to the House of Representatives will reconvene on Wednesday, 01/07/2015, after raising its session on 25.12.2014, in which the impact of the completion of the first reading of the draft budget law, and to raise its seventh month of January.

And approved by the Federal Cabinet approved on Tuesday, 23/12/2014, on the draft federal budget for 2015 Act, and referred to the House of Representatives.

According to a statement of the Information Office of the Prime Minister, the cabinet during its meeting on Tuesday, approved the draft federal budget law for 2015 and forwarded to the House of Representatives, after the formation of a committee headed by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and membership Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji and finance ministers, planning and Higher Education and scientific research and transportation, to review and re-formulations of some of the material legally.

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri on Tuesday, 23.12.2014, Council members to attend a meeting to discuss the draft budget law after government approval, noting that this call comes in accordance with Article 58 of the Constitution first.

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and lets make sure we add this...this is like it says..Sophisticated....                                                                                                                              Secretariat of the Council of Ministers directed using sophisticated electronic programs to accomplish the government program

History of edits:: 5.1.2015 eleven forty-two • 32 visits readable

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Hamid Ahmed Khalaf work coordination with the ministries of the government program to accomplish the team using electronic programs to follow up the implementation of the program.

According to a statement of the Secretariat of the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on "The secretary general, expressed presided over a meeting of the Committee, prepared the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the contract with the expert runs advanced electronic programs supply the work of monitoring the implementation of the government program, calling for the United Nations Development Programme {UNDP} helping to create an electronic programs specialized follow-up mechanism for the implementation of programs and plans. " 
The Secretary-General, according to the statement "to the pledge of independent bodies and the provinces to send their plans during the period of the middle of this month maximum to complete plans for all joints and government departments, praising the efforts of the Committee on the achievements of the collection of ministries plans so quickly . " 
The statement that "the Commission said reviewed the position of the ministries and departments plans for the years 2015 - 2018, and discuss the mechanisms used to implement the program with the ministries and departments concerned." 
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi had said in a congratulatory message to the Iraqis on the occasion of the new year, the importance of implementing the government program and commitment Baltoukitat Time to implement paragraphs contained therein, and overcome the difficulties in cooperation, harmony and team spirit. " 
It is said that the government put a government program was announced by giving them confidence in the House of Representatives included a package of reforms for the advancement of the country, ".anthy

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The bottom two articles on this thread is actually the process in which this government plans to tackle the Budget an how the projects will be funded under strict supervision to ensure monies are spent correctly...and have far as listen to conference calls with someone claiming to call it everyday...Not me....

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me thinks it is double talk,,,more like not important jibberish. Me also thinks you guys are focused way too much on the budget stuff--must be listening to some guru's on conference calls somewhere...

What should we be focusing on? Just seems the budget it taking priority with them right now so that's where we are focusing. I never listen to calls just hang out here and read all of Yotas hard work. (Thanks Yota!!!) I always enjoy your post Tlars to elaborate? : )

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  • Agency eighth day
  • January 15, 2015, 11:39
  • 52 Reading
BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) Parliamentary Finance Committee announced on Thursday, to begin preparing a final report to the draft budget for 2015, stating that he will postpone the adoption of the budget to the end of this month because of the large number of comments on it.



Said Ahmed al-Haj Committee decision that "the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives began to prepare the final report to the draft general budget for the year 2015 and received a law Notes political blocs on the budget."



He said al-Hajj that "most of the political blocs agreed to approve the draft budget in the current month, but there are a lot of notes on the articles of the law," adding that "it would postpone approval until the end of this month instead of next week."



The House of Representatives ended on Monday (January 12, 2015), the second reading and discussion of the budget law. T (ST)

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Is this guy in Maliki's camp, and is there more than this one article saying it'll take the rest of the month?

- If it's that big w deal, they should go on lockdown, like the UST. I think the UST has been on lockdown waiting for RV since the end of 2011!! ;)

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add which I'll bet you didn't hear in a conference call...                                                                                                                                              Parliamentary Finance: Kurdistan region salaries for this month will be spent without delay

11:15: 01/16/2015
Khandan -ali Nagy announced the parliamentary finance committee, said the Federal Ministry of Finance officially informed them that she would send the staff of the Kurdistan region salaries for the month of January, during the week. He said the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider told the "Khandan" "The committee addressed the Ministry of Finance on staff salaries the province, and the answer to the ministry as sending employees' salaries for the month of January during the week. " He said Haider that "salaries province will not be delayed, such as the former, after the recent agreement between the federal government and the province on the spill file", pointing out that "the mechanism send salary will be in accordance with the mechanism (12/1) until the approval of the financial budget for 2015 ".

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History of edits:: 19/1/2015 13:25 • 27 visits readable
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} secretary general of the Council of Ministers discussed with the committee in charge of implementing the tasks for the government program, the most prominent electronic systems proposed to be followed in the implementation of the program.
According to a statement of the Secretariat of the agency {Euphrates News received} copy of it on "The secretary general stressed the need to continue meetings and meetings and update formulations plans a number of ministries, although the completion of plans for 24 of the Ministry so far, adding that the government's program contains 160 priority distributed 6 axes, and that the overall planning of the ministries do not meet the full program priorities. " 
He called on the secretary-general, according to the statement of the Committee to mature programs to be ministries are required to submit the update on its programs on a monthly basis, stressing the desire of the Prime Minister on the administrative reform program Aovernma.mtaliba finding tools development, administration, and prepare a plan of action to follow up on the implementation mechanisms of the government program, according to the Bishop of time ".anthy

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