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Deputy Prime Minister: Senior officials on the list of arrest

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Deputy Prime Minister: Senior officials on the list of arrest

By Mohammad Emad one fifteen 10/1/2015 | Views: 5696

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Brother - Follow-up

Deputy Prime Minister said Bahaa al-Araji,   said the government will arrest senior corrupt officials, stressing that the relations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region is excellent.

Araji said in an exclusive interview with the Kurdish News Network ( KNN) I followed, for News Agency (et)   that "we need to look to be normal and the excellent relations between Baghdad and Kurdistan, provided that they are governed by the Constitution."

And on lower oil prices between that all oil-producing countries pass this crisis, but Iraq is affected more the fact that its economy depends 93% on oil imports, and the face is up by reducing expenses, and the search for other resources, and the development of industry, agriculture, tourism and religious ones in particular.

And on the aliens (and Humayun soldiers), Araji said that the country suffers from unemployment convincing, and we seek to sort and separate the aliens.

Araji pointed out, that "the government is working to find a real mechanism to fight corruption and this was part of the program, and you will hear in the future arrest of senior officials, criminal Vamufsd whether a senior official or employee small Everyone is equal before the law."

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Mr. M Son....Liberal: will be called the son of al-Maliki to soon eliminate

  • Agency eighth day
  • January 11, 2015, 12:31
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BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))

Parliamentary source in the Liberal bloc in Parliament, the first to be called to the Iraqi judiciary is Ahmed al-Maliki, the largest of the sons of former Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and the detainee is currently with the Lebanese authorities for possession of a $ 3 billion smuggled from Iraq, as well as some political leaders who will be announce their names soon.



According to the source in his speech ((eighth day)) that concluded armament deals during the reign of al-Maliki is the first of the files that will be followed up, before confirming that "the Commission will open all the files to reduce the phenomenon of corruption regardless of Titles and political positions or governmental burdened government the current crisis worsening security and economic. "

The member of the Liberal bloc that his government undertook to terminate all outstanding from the previous parliamentary session files of corruption and will prosecute the perpetrators of corrupt and wasting public money and bring them to justice. (AA)

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