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Zebari Announce The Allocation Of Funds From The Budget In 2015 For The Implementation Of Article 140 !


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CNN. Broadcasting From Parliament While Showing Them The Money To Implement Article 140 !




Zebari announce the allocation of funds from the budget in 2015 for the implementation of Article 140
MONDAY, JANUARY 2/05 JANUARY 2015 15:47 M M P / P P

Twilight News / announced Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said Monday that the allocation of funds within the budget of 2015 to the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, the disputed areas.

altZebari said in an interview with the magazine گolan close to the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan region, and followed up "Twilight News", said the amount of money has been allocated for the implementation of Article 140.

He stressed that the amount deposited in the account Article 140 of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, without specifying the amount appropriated.

Over the past years, officials have complained of the lack of seriousness of the territory of the Federal Government in the application of Article 140 of the disputed areas between the province and the federal government.

It was scheduled to be completed at the end of the implementation of Article 2007, but that the political and security complications prevented that.

The article provides remove demographic change policies applied by the former regime in favor of the Arabs to Kurds account and conduct a census of the population of those areas as a prelude to a referendum in which people choose to join their areas to the Kurdistan Region or the federal government in Baghdad. And on Alپeshmrگh budget said Zebari, he was research and discussion of this issue for the first time transparency and clarity, noting that the agreement stipulates that the government is actually providing support to پeshmrگh will be allocated within the Iraqi ground forces budget پeshmrگh Kurdistan.

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A budget is just an on-paper legal accounting of where the money is flowing in the government and is no more than a political power game. It has less to do with actual financial and monetary policy or procedures and more to do with making sure everyone in the government is playing their parts and making sure they get what they want for them and theirs.

The only important news we should be really caring about is laws and contracts/deals between banks and citizens or companies, as that is directly related to the value of the currency and how it is implemented in everyday dealings.

Once Iraq starts seriously building infrastructure and improving other sectors than just oil (which is important and obviously takes priority to get Kurds onboard and happy, since it's the country's most important asset and revenue tool), then we'll start seeing some real progress and potentially an increase (even if it's just slight or marginal like the 4pips before) in the dinar exchange rate versus the U.S. dollar.

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It's Related To The HCL - It's Bigger Than A Breadbox And It's Good ! ;)


    :D     :D     :D

allocation of funds from the budget in 2015 for the implementation of Article 140

He stressed that the amount deposited in the account Article 140


A frig of a lot bigger than a breadbox

It's good to see things moving forward.


Thanx Thug


Some day the bread will come our way.

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There's A Rate Quoted In The Budget Now But It's The Old Familiar One (Highlighted Below) ...





(by w8n4it2rv)

(Et) publishes general federal budget for 2015 Text

By Adminsa 1.4.2015 3:42

Brother - special 

I got for News Agency (et), a copy of the draft federal budget for the current year 2015. 

A reporter for News Agency (et) that this version is a picture of the draft federal budget law for 2015 and sent by the Council of Ministers to the House of Representatives.

The Council of Ministers approved the draft budget law in 2015 with a total value amounted to 123 trillion dinars and a deficit of as much as to 23 trillion .

And send it to the House of Representatives, while the latter held a special meeting last month, during which he read the draft budget sent by the Council of Ministers Law first reading and hearing to raise the seventh of January for the purpose of being read a second reading and then vote on them.

The number of deputies pointed out that this year's budget will be approved Btergh easy and easy due to the synergy between the legislative and executive branches. 

The following is a copy of the budget 2015: 

This is the text of the draft federal budget law presented by the Council of Ministers of the Council of Representatives of Iraq on 12/25/2014 for adoption General counterbalance the Iraqi state and has read the first reading on the said date, hoping to read it a second reading on 07/01/2015. 


Consisted bill of three chapters and 41 items and the right by thirteen different materials and paragraphs schedule relating to the budget has been allocated the first quarter of government revenues

and the one article while second chapter of government expenditure and shortfall in the state budget and it is also one article devoted Chapter III General provisions and closing wrote in seventeen pages ( A4) Is its attached tables. 

The first chapter


Estimated the general budget of the Iraqi state revenues, according to the bill b (99801875000) Iraqi dinars (ninety-nine trillion, eight hundred and one billion, eight hundred and seventy-five million Iraqi dinars.

According to the official exchange rate of the dollar, which was adopted by the budget, which is (1166) Iraqi dinars per dollar, the revenue in the budget estimated at

(85593374785) Eighty-five billion five hundred and ninety-three million three hundred and seventy-four thousand seven hundred and eighty-five US dollars. 

These revenues are divided into two main sections, namely: 

1. oil revenues 

And an estimated $ (84266820000) eighty four trillion dinars and two hundred and sixty-six billion eight hundred and twenty million Iraqi dinars, which is equivalent to (72270000000) Seventy-two billion two hundred and seventy million dollars.

Resulting from the export (3300000) at the basis of 60 US dollars per barrel and are obtaining this amount of oil the following image:

(A) (250,000) barrels of the Kurdistan region 

( B) (300,000) barrels of Kirkuk across Kurdistan 

C (2750000) from the south have shared with him by a very small some other provinces. 

And through the amount mentioned oil production to clarify the contribution of the areas mentioned in percentage terms in oil revenues, which is the main source of government revenue,

and which they can estimate the actual contribution of the areas mentioned in the budget size Belhaz survival rates unchanged at approximately Note non-oil revenues and the proportion of the deficit,

which collectively form the general budget of the Iraqi state .vtkon contribute according to the percentage as follows: -

A percentage of the contribution of Kurdistan in oil revenues are (7.57%) of the total oil revenues in the budget. According to the monetary value of the annual oil revenue of Kurdistan value are:

250000 * 60 * 365 = 5475000000 five billion, four hundred and seventy-five million dollars. 

( B) the percentage of the contribution of Kirkuk oil in oil revenues are (9.09%) of the total oil revenues in the budget. According to the monetary value .....

300000 * 60 * 365 = 6570000000 six billion five hundred and seventy million dollars.

© the percentage of the contribution of the South Oil in oil revenues are (83.3%) of the total oil revenues in the budget. According to the monetary value ........

2750000 * 60 * 365 = 60.225 billion sixty billion, two hundred and twenty five million US dollars.

2. The non-oil revenues

Estimated non-oil revenues in the budget b (15535550000000) fifteen trillion five hundred and thirty-five billion five hundred and fifty million Iraqi dinars, equivalent ....

(13323374785) thirteen billion three hundred and twenty-three million three hundred and seventy-four thousand seven hundred and eighty-five US dollars. 

These non-oil revenue sources are described in the table on page number (5) of the draft budget law. 

Chapter II

(Expenditures and deficits)

Budget allocated an amount of (1255203110783) One hundred and twenty-five trillion five hundred and twenty billion three hundred and Eleven Million Seventy-eight million dinars.

Any equivalent (107378311135) and seven hundred billion, three hundred and seventy-eight million three hundred one dozen thousand one hundred and thirty-five US dollars as expenses for fiscal year 2015.

These expenses were allocated the following image: 

1. The current expenditures (operational) An amount of (79,976,896,713) Seventy-nine trillion nine hundred and seventy-six billion eight hundred and ninety six million seven hundred and thirteen thousand dinars,

which is equivalent to (68,590,820,508) Sixty-eight billion five hundred and ninety million Tmanmaúhoashron thousand Khmsmaúhoosman US dollars. 

2. Operating expenses (45,226,214,070) forty five trillion two hundred and twenty-six billion two hundred and fourteen million, seventy thousand dinars, which is equivalent to (38,787,490,626) Thirty-eight billion seven hundred and eighty-seven million four hundred and ninety thousand, six hundred and twenty-six dollars. 

On this basis, the deficit in the government expenditure is estimated at (25401235783) Twenty-five trillion, four hundred and one billion, two hundred and thirty-five million seven hundred and Eighty-three thousand dinars, which is equivalent to (21784936349) Twenty-one billion Spamaúhoarbah eighty million nine hundred and thirty-six thousand three hundred and nine dollars and forty. 

There is a table in the page number (5) shows a mechanism to bridge the budget deficit. 

Through the offering, the budget bill that includes a deficit of (20.288%) of the value of the total budget and can recall the explanation as a percentage of the public budget as follows: 

The total amount of the budget (107378311135) US dollars are sources following way: 

1. oil revenues (72.27 billion) Seventy-two billion two hundred and seventy million dollars and represents (67.304%) of the general budget. 

2. The non-oil revenues (13,323,374,785) Three ....... ten billion. The (12.407%) of the general budget.

3. The total budget deficit (21,784,936,349) one and twenty billion ....... The (20.288%) of the general budget.

The tables attached to illustrate the mechanics of the operating budget disbursement and distributed to government ministries and agencies and institutions. 

And ensure separation expenses also some passages that could be cited in short: 

1. allocation of $ 125 billion Iraqi dinars contingency reserve. 

2. allocation of $ (3.5) three trillion five hundred billion dinars for the development of the regions are distributed according to population density of all of Iraq's provinces on where the number of the population,

according to the attached tables (35,282,473) people inclusive of a number of Kurdistan's population of (4,449,125) and the proportion of the population of Iraq (12 0.61%) of the total population of the Iraqi state. 

3. The allocation of $ 2 per barrel of refined product or every 150 cubic meters of gas in the province that spends one dollar Hatar other distracted when check the increase in oil revenues ???? !! 

Chapter III

(General and Final Provisions)

A set of notes that can include it in short: 

1. The ratio was calculated for 17% of the Kurdistan region of Pan federal budget after deducting expenses sovereign clarified by the second paragraph of Article IX. 

2. expenditures ruling and set the agenda (d) was allocated to the Kurdistan region of which 17% is distributed the rest to the provinces according to population density and after a division by density to show that every citizen is the province gets from the ruling expenditures (162.75)

One hundred and sixty-two and seventy-five cents per year while the dollar gets Kurdish citizen at (231) dollars of these expenses for the same period and there is a special attached table shows these expenditures ruling. 

3. Article IX / paragraph V. paragraph stipulates the allocation according to the proportion of the population density of the Peshmerga forces of the Federal land forces allocations and this percentage will increase to 17% in addition to the ratio of ground forces allocations did not explain in the tables ?? 

4. Article X: 

First, paragraph referring to the calculation of the federal fiscal revenue in the region this year and did not talk about the previous year's revenue also not been addressed to the type of this revenue has been turning a blind eye on the oil in the Turkish port of Ceyhan to the provincial government also has not been touched for the production of excess region for the 250 000 barrel.

5. Article 12: 

Provided for the development of non-functional degrees or a new contract and the possibility of renewal of contracts for the need and allowed the new contract in certain resources are (new investment projects and projects of water plants, sewage, electricity and contracted with the owners of competencies and experts). 

6. Article 25: 

I talked about infrastructure projects Order credit worth $ 5 billion, did not address the mechanism of distribution of projects, except for the reference to the region's share. 

6. Article 26: 

Stipulated to stop advances on projects that did not exceed the percentage of completion on the (50%) to 01/07/2015. 

7. Article 27: 

Provided for the formation of the Supreme Council for ages 3 months through a new structure in the country after the fall of that was present before him. 

8. Article 33:

Provides for the imposition of tax on shipping and online tickets and car registration cards in different proportions.

9. Article 37:

Provided for the adoption of compulsory savings system for state employees and the public sector. 

There are some observations and digital accounts Aardna all mentioned with a note that the attached tables showing the distribution of the budget and the number of employees in each ministry and balancing each government formation 

and Masa and the number of its affiliates as well as the tables to extract the region's share and table deductions being made by the Ministerial Committee formed by the Council of Ministers to pressure government expenditures. 

Thank God first and foremost

Can be found on the text of the draft budget and schedules attached to the law through the links below:


Yo Deb - Article 38 Is Still M.I.A. !


The Summarized Budget Article From Yesterday Revealed The Existing Rate As The Only New Piece Of Info ! ;)


B)     B)     B)



And Ur Right Denis - Article 140 Is Definitely Way Bigger Than A Breadbox ! :o


   :D    :D

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Well I'm taking quite a risk, because I sold the first one after the Great Guru Committee Meeting of 2011, when they all had that CC and patted each other on the back for bringing the world the RV.

Thanks for the humor Deb, just hang on I sent a word to my friends in china..

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Deborah Layne


I thought I told you to wash your face?



Not sure why, but I thought this was funny as hell.....maybe because it suddenly appeared between serious comments.


Very amusing!!


(not sure how to copy-n-paste on this site, since this is not your standard copy-n-paste site, I'll learn sooner or later)

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