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Despite the change of the Iraqi government .. Maliki still controls the levers of government !!

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01-12-2014 10:10 AM



To catch on top of corruption in Iraq

Sayar beautiful / researcher and writer Iraqi

 No one can imagine the size of the corruption that prevails today in Iraq, and although for the change that happened in the ministry and parliament, and the advent of new faces came to power in the country, but the entire system of the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, was still in the legislative and executive branches, especially in the army and the judiciary, and even Aloaty that day that al-Maliki himself still enjoys the position of Vice President of the Republic, was still acting as if Iraq a piece of property. The look of the new ministry formed by Dr. Haider al-Abadi, and after three months of receiving the judgment, unwilling to fix what overshadowing of corruption, which is preoccupied also war against Daash, and trying to repel an extension Daash toward the heart of Iraq, having conquered his head in Mosul, in the reign of al-Maliki.

Facing the Iraqi government, today, a number of problems that hamper their work, especially if we consider the quality of some of those incapacitated ministers and officials, they erected within the tradition distasteful, is partisan and sectarian quota system. Accordingly, the right man is not in the proper place, how the President of the Government aspires to reform and change, this crew is associated with him and his party, and that his agenda, before listening to the President of the Government? Devastation may represent items included in the 'Constitution' permitted for error, and did not even fit today, the problem is not in the same corruption, but its factors including the creation of corrupt, and sat down to eat from Jnayate on Iraq and the Iraqis.

If the Iraqis wanted, today, opening a path to the future, to get rid of the deep crisis in which they live, they should address the imbalance in the political process and failures, correct the contents of the Iraqi constitution. Before we look at the future of political reconciliation and national reconciliation, they should not just change the faces, but to change the approach and content, the enactment of a new national principles, they can condemn, openly and publicly, it was responsible for the corruption and destruction in the past years. Iraqis, today, that Ajtthoa heads of corruption, starting with al-Maliki and all of the work in its system unfair, and what they did in Iraq and the Iraqis. The Prime Minister that the judiciary is demanding an investigation with al-Maliki, and all the members of his family and his cronies who were behind all the devastation and embezzlement, theft and committing all the crimes that claimed the lives of half of Iraq. And cover up the vandals, criminals and corrupt and all those who conspired in secret, and worked on the loss of half of Iraq, participation in the crime, must be prosecuted and punished, and to be a historic lesson to all corrupt, and most of them today in Iraq.

Today in Iraq, the case of awakening national, and I know that he supported al-Maliki politically has abandoned it, the exposure of the truth of what was, and even sympathize with him today sectarian, the fate that threatens all Iraqis are bound to stir the consciences of all of the Safe and Secure divide Iraq, sectarian The ethnically and religiously, that what happened to Iraq and the Iraqis, over the eight years of the reign of al-Maliki and his party and his associates, should not pass unnoticed, without handling the first step in the reform and change. And the Iraqis ask for their money, which scattered, and the towns that were torn, and the rights that went, and the dignity that wasted, and the lives that were lost, and the homes that crushed .. etc., treated foundations rotting, before the start of any building and the factors of destruction and corruption still exist, come and go freely in Iraq and in the heart of Baghdad itself.

 Files of corruption in Iraq that are known to Iraqis countless, including transactions and contracts in each ministry, especially the main, and in all cases of financial and administrative corruption in millions and billions of dollars. All gone, is not known to the pockets of, and still is Off Services, and an empty treasury and files scattered. It is heard that the former prime minister, and due to its influence even today, Egypt on non-delivery of his palace to the state being one of the property, and the more dangerous it is, and its system, retains all the files and old binders, and did not hand it over to his successor that he, today, that uproots all corrupt state institutions, and held accountable for previous big heads, Accounting difficult at all what they have done from the sins and crimes in every spot of the land of Iraq, before impunity, and work to find out who looted billions of money and the people of the country? Accounting and all associated and suspected of officials, traders and businessmen of new parasites who have become, within ten years of billionaires. You have to Mhacpetkm on junior staff and officers, to cover up the senior officials are not limited.

On all Iraqis to have them, today, their consensus against corruption and corrupt, and that they have the opportunity to demonstrate and to object to all felonies mistakes that got the right to their children and their wives and their homes, and the right of every home that rulers contributed to the slaughter, and deliver half of it to strangers savages. On the Ierdhana say that recognizes the corruption that began since the start of a failed political process, they are sterile beginning that came with all this weight of the problems at the hands of people who do not understand something in the management of the country, and do not realize something in the laws of the State, and know nothing of the interior of the community, was that allowed each epidemics to stretch and spread, in order to increase their ruin and destroy Iraq, not to mention that they are a puppet in the hands of the powerful in the region, drove to the historic damage inflicted on Iraq and the Iraqis, as well as the failures of chronic and Mtwaldh her son split sectarian, political began to spread socially, was the repercussions bitter historically. This latest 'split' shameless deep rift in the joints of the political and economic life, and the benefits and divided the spoils and positions between the poles, according to the hateful system of quotas.


Finally, I wish to turn all those who want reform and change to address the effects of the remnants of the previous two governments Alrahlten quickly, before they corrupt their papers back again, and to keep the ruins of Iraq and Iraqis split. The deficit will the legislative and executive authorities, today, in the prosecution of the corrupt, by hiding them or overlooked, or Msamhathm them, will turn the tables on the heads of all the reformers and asylum real change. Any reluctance, in this sacred national mission, would give the corrupt who move, today, in order to keep their interests and corruption, and even help them to terrorist organizations in the crush Iraq, also made clear picture, today, have found the answer to the question, saying, subtle conspiracy to the fall of Mosul?

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Find the money and defund the maliki's.   Maybe arrest him first and put him in a swiss jail so he doesn't have help escaping.  Best thing to do is take care of him NOW ASAP!!!  He will continue mayhem if they don't take care of this problem.  He is Saddam and Hitler resurrected in one beast. 

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Woops, I accidentally "neg" the article. Can someone please correct that for me.

I was under the impression that Abadi was going through the GOI from the top down, inside and out to locate all of Maliki's corrupt ministers, employees, and cronies . Gather evidence, and then dis-miss them, charge them, and otherwise get them out. I would think that doing as much of this before charging Maliki for his crimes, providing him a trial and carrying out the sentence, assuming he gets convicted, would be the prudent way to go. Hopefully the GOI under al-Abadi is planning something like this. The only question is, if they are how far along are they before the individual arrests start, and ultimately Maliki's ? These things do take time. There is that pesky battle with ISIS going on. I imagine Abadi must walk a gentle fine line at this point behind the scenes if only to avoid forcing Maliki

Into starting another front for civil war or a coup. Abadi has fired a few Generals and lower ranked personnel.

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 NOW   HANG  ON  FOLKS ,    don t  rush  too a  hasty  conclusion ......   the  article  states  he  is  controlling  the levers ,     ------->  someone  has  too throw  the  release  lever  to make  the  trap  door  open   on  the  platform  .......  swing in the  wind  :o       surely   this  is  the levers  they are  talking  about ... no  one  in the  right  mind  even  in Iraq  should  let malarkey  hold  any thing  but  the levers  of  the hangmans  platform  

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