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What's this new tape circulating about Sterling admitting paying TNT Tony flat fee?

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There's some guy on twitter and youtube with a channel called TNT Tony BS or something like that. Over the weekend he was tweeting and posted an audio tape of like 30 seconds in which apparently somoen who supposedly works for sterling is saying they paid TNT Tony a flat fee. there wasn't a lot of context but the person said something like I joined the company in such and such year and inherited this relationship.


Like I said there wasn't much context to the call aside from the breif clip and one persons voice was distorted mechanically or whatever.

Was just curuios if anyone else has seen this clip and if so what this is all about?


Here is the video...
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I was kind of intrigued by that teaser clip although at the same time very confused as to the context and what the point of the video was. I was eagerly awaiting the full 26 minute video being released and then saw on youtube the other day it was posted that out of respect for Frank at Sterling the tape was not being posted, bummer. Not sure why, assuming the tape was legit simply reporting the facts or letting a tape play and speak for itself isn't disrespectful in any way but looks as if we won't get to see or I guess better yet hear the tape. Obviously we have no idea what the tape says or was about though apparently something relating to TNT Tony. Only thing I can think is maybe they were paid not to release it who knows. That TNT Tony BS guy has some interesting youtube vids though so still worth a watch.


Looks like origional teaser video posted above has since been removed as well. What gives?

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I think, I remember that, Ole tony admitted by accident that he did work for somebody pumping the dinar, they posted it here. That's how I know about it. Like I say, I don't go to any other sites or listen to those crooks. I sometimes listen to Phoenix or Stryker. just take it all with grain of salt. :twocents:  :eyebrows:

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I think, I remember that, Ole tony admitted by accident that he did work for somebody pumping the dinar, they posted it here. That's how I know about it. Like I say, I don't go to any other sites or listen to those crooks. I sometimes listen to Phoenix or Stryker. just take it all with grain of salt. :twocents:  :eyebrows:

Yeah I know that tape your talking about, I think that GlobalCurrencyReset guy has it posted on his youtube channel kinda funny he puts tony on a loop saying it over and over and over lol. That was an interesting tape where tony seems to slipup and say he works for Sterling. THis is actually a more recent one. It's since been taken down from youtube but from the description whoever posted it claims that its someone named Frank from sterling talking with soemone else who's voice is disuised and he's talking about their relationship with Tony and how they pay him a flat fee. It was just a brief 2 minute video tough so you really didn't get much context or even know who was talking to who. Apparently they were going to release a full 26 minute tape but no longer are planning on doing so, so not really sure what that was all about or what the story was.

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