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2015 Budget - Going to be difficult


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Negative Feedback


A pattern of contrarian investment behavior. An investor using a negative feedback strategy would buy stocks when prices declined and sell stocks when prices rose, which is the opposite of what most people do. Negative feedback helps make markets less volatile. Its opposite is positive feedback, in which a herd mentality pushes high prices higher and low prices lower.


On an individual level, negative feedback can refer to a pattern of behavior in which a negative outcome, such as executing a losing trade, causes an investor to question his or her skill and discourages him or her from continuing to trade. Developing a rational trading plan and sticking to it can help investors maintain confidence and avoid falling into a negative feedback loop even when they execute a losing trade.

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Sovereign and Sub-Sovereign Non-Payment not just sovereign !!


Sovereignty Mechanics

The mechanics regarding sovereignty are rather simple; the entity which possesses a Territorial Claim Unit in a system has sovereignty over that system. Good understanding of the nuances of the sovereignty mechanics can be a good asset when considering to take over a system.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Here read some more you appear bored

The IMF collaborates with the World Bank, regional development banks, the World Trade Organization (WTO), UN agencies, and other international bodies. While all of these organizations are involved in global economic issues, each has its own unique areas of responsibility and specialization. The IMF also works closely with the Group of Twenty (G-20) industrialized and emerging market economies and interacts with think tanks, civil society, and the media on a daily basis.

Working with the World Bank

The IMF and the World Bank are different, but complement each other's work. While the IMF's focus is chiefly on macroeconomic and financial sector issues, the World Bank is concerned mainly with longer-term development and poverty reduction. Its loans finance infrastructure projects, the reform of particular sectors of the economy, and broader structural reforms. IMF loans assist countries in continuing to pay for imports, stabilizing their currencies, and restoring conditions for strong economic growth. Countries must join the IMF to be eligible for World Bank membership.

Given the World Bank's focus on antipoverty issues, the IMF collaborates closely with the Bank in the area of poverty reduction. Other areas of collaboration include assessments of member countries' financial sectors, development of standards and codes, and improvement of the quality, availability, and coverage of data on external debt.

Cooperating on financial stability, banking supervision, and trade

The IMF is a member of the Switzerland-based Financial Stability Board, which brings together government officials responsible for financial stability in the major international financial centers, international regulatory and supervisory bodies, committees of central bank experts, and international financial institutions. It also works with standard-setting bodies such as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors.

The IMF has observer status at formal meetings of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The IMF's determination of a country's balance of payments situation plays a considerable part in the WTO's assessment of trade restrictions applied in the event of balances of payments difficulties. The IMF is also involved in the WTO-led Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical Assistance to Least Developed Countries, and IMF staff contribute to the work of the WTO Working Group on Trade, Debt, and Finance.

Collaborating with the UN

The IMF has a Special Representative to the United Nations, located at the UN Headquarters in New York. Collaboration between the IMF and the UN covers several areas of mutual interest, including cooperation on tax issues and statistical services of the two organizations, as well as reciprocal attendance and participation at regular meetings and specific conferences and events. In recent years, the IMF has worked with the International Labor Office on issues related to employment, as well as social protection floors; the UN Children's Fund on fiscal issues and social policy; the UN Environment Program on the green economy; and the World Food Program on social safety nets and early assessments of vulnerability

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We need some new LOPSTER blood the tank is pretty quiet and free. They keep getting themselves banned !

Rock tell us a good lopster background story involving family or dogs that won't stop buying dinars

Rock also i own the new dinar with the extra security features on them- they are better than the 2003 issue and boy does it prove to me that they don't plan to lop

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Well DB & DL.

We are discussing here the budget.

Iraq has spent itself into a hole.

Doesn't have enough income or cash to get thru the year.What do you think they will do?

Borrow ?

Print more dinar?

Maybe they should stop buying up and hoarding all that dinar and use it to pay their bills!

Maybe a 25% salary cut!

Got to decide something or the budget wont get approved by March (my guess). By then economics will decide for them.

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They will add 50,000 notes and 100,000 notes

And everyone will be happy that the didnt lop

After that they will get 250,000 notes then 500,000 notes then 1,000,000 dinar notes

Depending on where the tipping point is on the oil war.

Will they keep oil prices low enough to stop all the fracking or will they try to raise the oil price up and keep fracking going ?

Then will they increase oil production from OPEC and will China and India get bigger shares of oil from OPEC

If so once the oil dries up in a few generations and we're all down along the equator in the winter staying warm will the democrats be crying about burning wood or coal to stay warm ? That's the question. What will the whining liberals be capable of with no internet to pass their lies around

And will the liberals tax on life still be in effect if you live you pay taxes now in America before we always had that choice ,,,, no more

They need to get from 4 billion notes down to one billion notes so the bigger the bills the less they need

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DL  : They need the 50K notes. UR right . They WILL IOP B4 the 100K ones .

Hope the plastic money kicks in .Then dont need anything.then. Become modern commerce like us.

Notice how when people can use plastic fewer big bills are needed . I have a few 100s and unless I go to a bank noone will take them???

50s are all U need in most transactions. Only when you travel. 

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Non existant hedge funds and wire fraud

I woukd like to see what the wire fraud evidence was

I know about the non existant hedge funds but was that the wire fraud they were convicted of ?

They never said that the speculation itself is fraud

I guess you can speculate anything

I remember they said the fraud was based on the treasury owning dinar to make a profit which the treasury said it owned dinar but not for a profit but just for day to day operations in Iraq

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If isis is sponcered by Saudi arabia

And the saudis agree to sponcer a 10,000 man army , then say iraq kills 5000 isis then isis just gets 5000 new replacements

This can go on forever

They got to cut off arms shipments and seal the borders

Or more arms will arrive as they need them

Food and medical supplies will continue to flo

They say 5% of Muslims are radical terrorist like so maintaining a 10,000 man army could last forever 5% is around 50 million radicals out of 1.3 billion Muslims

10,000 strong all the time

If they kill 9000 then the next day 9000 new radicals show up

Chain of command just shifts from one leader to the next if they get killed

But most likely they choose a leader and he just loves in Egypt or libya or Lebanon any where but in the country where the war is

He's doing administrative work and handling finances

This is something that never ends , sleepers always in the wings waiting their turn to take over

The best solution is to just incinerate them with a nuke

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The wire fraud evidence was the phone taps and videos where they explicitly stated the dinar would increase in value to something like a dollar to get clients to buy dinar and the funds. Crossed the line. If you talk RV on a web site it's admissible, BUT if you are a party in the sale of something and you make a false statement it is a fraud.

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Has nothing to do with talking rv

They set up fradulant hedge funds and used telephone Internet web sites to advertise this fraud

So it's called wire fraud

In speculations people say things about just about everything under the sun based purely on speculation not by any facts or figures or proof of anything , it happens every day on just about everything

They sold 700 thousand dollars in fraudulent hedge funds

No charges for speculating were charged

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There was no talk about speculation. Would be nothing wrong there. The DAs said they were assuring big gains to be made by buying dinar and their funds. The wording is tricky, simply had to make the statements that they were SURE that there would be a profit.

That would be misstating the fact. That's the fraud. Even making the statement that you cannot LOSE any money in the deal would be fraudulent,.

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I guess just about every product out there over states its products so put them all in jail

I don't care what you say someone said they said something

They were charged with selling frudulent hedge funds and wire fraud because they did it over the Internet

That's all they were charged with

One charge was they said the U.S. treasury held dibar for investment purposes and the FBI says they checked and found that to be a lie

But they can't try and convict them fir saying the dinar is going to rv for any amount of money because they can't prove it won't

Just like you can't prove it won't

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DL :: UR right. When it is a product you can pump it .If you dont like it you can get you money back. BUT when you say it is an investment , the rules change. You cant't say something that cant be backed up.

You can't say it will up or never will never go down. That's the fraud.

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Prove its not going to rv

You can't

That's why it's impossible to prove its a fraud to say it will

Now after this is all over then they may be able to prosecute people

But to of prosecuted them already at this point in the game they would have to be able to show proof it won't

Which they or you can't prove it won't

So that theory of yours that they got convicted of fraud for speculating is out the window

I read the indictment

It was for selling fradulant hedge funds that were non existant and the wire fraud was for doing it over the Internet

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